World Creation

The Creation of the World

(Chaos and Creation art by cosmicspark)

In the beginning there was Olu, the vacant space of mist which existed before the creation of the world, and out of which the Gods, men, and all things arose. Olu was the perfect balance between order and chaos, light and dark, life and death.

From the Mists (or The One) birthed the 12 great Caelestian Gods, set to rule over the world on Mount Caelestis. Each set with a unique goal and purpose throughout the world.

The first to be born of the Mists was Varick, oldest and leader of the Caelestian Pantheon. He created the sun and brought light into the world where there was only darkness and mist. Next came Faledric, blessed with wisdom and temperance, from which over hundreds of years, came the mound of soil and rock of the world. During this span of time, Crystal was born, and she sanctified the holy soil with life, springing trees and small creatures to inhabit Visola. Next came Anari, who sprinkled the world with water, and in the great depths of the soil there puddled enormous oceans, rivers, and lakes. Alyasne soon after came into being, and she created wind and sky and the heavens. In time after the world began to meld within itself, Ereleia was born, and she consecrated Visola with beauty, color, and fragrance, eventually painting pictures with the stars of the heavens. Gannor was then born from the womb of the mists, and he brought with him the treasures of the soil to be discovered later. Isorian was formed as Gannor’s twin, and her donation to the world was intellect and know-how. Following the twins, came Orenda, an embodiment of mist herself, and she brought forth magic from the mists. A powerful goddess with full knowledge of the mists and how to keep balance of the mists throughout the world. Later came Siramus who eventually gave the world the drive for development and progression to thrive and grow. Then came Murelu who was known as keeper of the shadows, and he imbued into the world the gift of laughter and games and trickery. Lastly came Cedric, the youngest of the Gods, with the will to survive and the conflict to battle stagnancy within the world.

The next task assigned to the Gods was to create their own sentient races to now thrive and grow within the world they had created. Several first attempts were made and eventually died out, leaving only bits and pieces of their society to remain.

The first and eldest race to be created were the Elves, created by Ereleia for their grace, beauty, and proper. They were her first and only attempt at a race, for she felt she could not improve on perfection. Gannor then spent much time and patience crafting the dwarven race from the depths of the mountains. A strong and sturdy race, built for their strength and desire to create. Around the same time, Faledric had also molded a race of peaceful and wise beings from aged stone, their size giving them the name of Giants. Next came Siramus, who grew somewhat jealous of the other perfect beings that had already begun to grow in Visola. Instead of taking his time to create his perfect race, he fool-heartedly imbued his first and only attempt with the ability to adapt and surpass all other beings, disregarding their flaws. Siramus then called these “Humans”. When it came time for Cedric, he cultivated a race of pure strength and domination known as the orcs. Anari then populated her waters with a race of water beings known as the Hydrelean. Crystal was pleased with her animals and creatures that already populated Visola, so she felt no need to create another race. Though several of Varick’s first attempts had failed due to his lack of interest in mortal affairs, he eventually came up with the noble breed of centaurs, half horse, and half man. Isorian took time and consideration into creating her Gnomish people, focusing on their intelligence and crafting of words. Murelu was quick to create his race of Felarae. He wanted a breed of mortals that did not fall prey to the other races already dominating the world. Strong and quick, with enough wit to outsmart most any foe. Next came the Aeromi created by Alyasne, beautiful free beings of flight, free to roam the entire world as they pleased. At some point in time, though nobody knows when, a race of pixies was discovered hidden in the forests of Mistwood. For many years, only Orenda knew of her subtle but beautiful creation.

Many years later, the progression of the mortal races began to take its toll on the world of Visola. Like locusts, they spread to every corner, and consumed many of the worlds natural resources. In a fit of anger and against the forbidden laws of the Mists, Crystal created yet another set of living creatures to which she called Brownies. Small and minute, but respectful to the natural world and strong when grouped together. They would be the woodland protectors from all other races.

With their creations complete, the Gods withdrew themselves from Visola to allow it to prosper and flourish.

(Chaos and Creation art by cosmicspark)