Varick, The Silver Gauntlet, High Judge of Caelestis

Varick, The Silver Gauntlet, High Judge of Caelestis
Sphere of the World:

Order, Honor, Justice, Retribution, The Sun

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About Varick:

All forms of justice and making things the way they should be have been carved into the church of Varick. He encourages swift justice and the determination to see that retribution has been served. An eye for an eye in the battlefield of fairness is taught to all apprentices in the church of honor. Do not take a course of action that is not without viable cause, do not cheat or lie in order to gain. The highest honor among the church is to flourish through your own doings, and not through dishonorable means.

Varick the High Judge

Background and History:

Varick was firstborn of the Caelestian Pantheon and took throne to keep order and fairness among the Gods. Some say he is considered the most powerful of all the Gods, though rumor has been spoken of another unlikely deity who matches his power. His gift from the God of all Crafts, the Wrath of Caelestis, gives him the power to regulate his fellow Gods and prevent the Mists from taking over Visola.

During the Age of strife, the Wrath of Caelestis was stolen from him by Siramus, and used by an elven king to destroy Cedric, in return that the elven king would also use the weapon on Varick. The plans were foiled by Murelu, however, and Varick was able to take back his god-killing weapon and destroy the elven king. Also on the verge of destroying Siramus as well, Crystal convinced Varick to not unbalance the mists anymore after the death of Cedric, and Siramus was allowed to live. Ever since the Wrath of Caelestis has not left Varick’s possession.

It was also during the Age of Strife that the centaurian people, created by Varick, began their own crusade as the Silver Tribunal. This order was meant to wipe Visola of all of the crime-ridden mortals from one shore to the other. After a ridiculous number of deaths, Varick saw what his creations were doing in the name of Justice and Honor, and he came down to his creations in the valley of the Maitland. He created the Covenant of Varick and retaught the meaning of honor and justice to his people. Ever since, the centaurian people have been a strong yet peaceful race, always remembering their unerasable past.

Personality and Motivations:

Varick is known to be very set in his way of doing things and does not tend to stray from the norm. He does not like radical change and can grow irritable quickly when the Mists are disturbed by mortal or immortal alike. He is often demanding and impatient, with little tolerance for ignorance or excuses. He is quick to react when provoked, but his impossible nature sometimes allows him to forget and be easily distracted.

He tends to be very strict with his church but often observes from a distance until chaos has reached an unacceptable limit. His followers learn to obey without question and hold their faith to the highest regard.

Mortal Relations:

Beyond the creation of the Covenant of Varick, there is no other well-known tale of Varick revealing himself to mortal eyes. Wives tales may circulate through mortal ears, but it is believed that Varick has little interest in mortal affairs, and is often too distracted and occupied keeping the Immortal Pantheon in order.

Immortal Relations:

Since Varick has specific obligations to keep order among the Caelestial Pantheon, he interacts with all of the immortals regularly. He keeps good relations with most, though he and Siramus are often at odds as the God of Power continues on his quest to take the throne of Caelestis. It is often spoken of a severe jealous infliction between Anari and Ereleia as they battle over favor with their Immortal leader, though he pays neither any mind. Oftentimes Crystal is sought out as his peacekeeper among the deities when his temper has flared.

It is thought imperative that Varick not favor any one God over another, for fear that the Gods will once again tilt the Mists into imbalance, at the threat of destroying the world for good.

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Honor, Justice and Retribution, The Sun






White Cedar, Sunflower


Silver, Ivory, and Sunstone


White Lion and White Stallion