Cities and Towns

There are many different cities with many different cultures throughout Visola. Most of them are competent enough to survive on their own without much interaction from their neighbors. Since there is no alignment in the game, a persons attitude and personality is better defined by where and how they grew up. An explanation of the cultures that thrive in the cities of Visola to help better flesh out your character are below.



Asteria –

Hypathian Territory

Eadoin –

Maitland Valley, Mahalia Kingdom, Ka’sador Mountains, Thelasia, Mistwood Forest, Aolani Mountains, Amadahi Village, Darghel Mountains, Attania, El’Raanin, Caer Mendathon, Seramythia, Romjin

Kior’aa –

Kingdom of Kior’aa and all of the surrounding villages.