Darghel is a vast underground city of the dwarven people. With tall spires and columns carved from the rock themselves, it is a site to behold. Many cave openings that dot the western portion of the Beruvian Mountains lead into well-guarded entrances of the Darghelian Mines. Very little of the Dwarven civilization rests above ground, due to risk of Hajaran bandits as well as heat damage to our thick mining friends.

No one but the dwarves themselves know how deep the Darghelian mines really go, but word is often spoken that they spread to the infinity of Abystus itself. The caves are lit by fire and mirrors, with beautiful underground waterfalls and dark foliage and roots that supply the Dwarves with complete self-sufficiency. They are even complete with their own transportation system of trollies and wooden carts that are set on a track system throughout each corridor.

Patron Deity: Gannor of the Divine Hammer, Patron of Craftsmen

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