The builders of Advent are those that help expand our known world. Creating anything from forests to towns to underground caverns, their only limitation is their own imagination (and occasionally code).

We are currently looking for experienced and/or creative builders to help create the world of Advent of the Mists. You don’t necessarily have to know how to build to become a part of our team. We have experienced builders who are willing to teach and -very- detailed building tutorials customized for building on Advent in a step-by-step process. Please read our requirements and contact us by filling out our Building Application Form.

What we do require is that you familiarize yourself with our world and environment so that any areas you build might appropriately fit. Since we are still creating our world and are not open to the public, prospective builders are not required yet to know how Advent works.

So if you are still interested in helping shape Advent into a richly detailed roleplaying environment and put your creativity and imagination to the test, then by all means fill out our building application and join the building team 🙂

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