Visola is a very large complex world that is rich in culture and conflict. Everyday life is a constant struggle to survive whether physically or politically. Below there is much information that one might need to know in order to take part in our world.

Races – Detailed explanations on the races that inhabit Visola.

Cities/Towns – A list of the cities and towns from all over Visola, including maps and economic information.

Other Places– History and lore of lost kingdoms and uninhabited forests that are not considered a city or a town.

Organizations– A list of the many organizations that one may strive to take part in during their lifetime.

Nobility – A list of how nobility operates and how their rankings compare

Immortals and Gods – A synopsis of the deities and churches that have formed around Visola.

History of the World – Growing to be a listing of all stories relating to the History of the World.

Calendar – A description of Advent’s Wheel of the Year and Astrological System.

Maps – A collection of all the maps available.