Rules of the Game

These are the rules for playing Advent of the Mists. Rules are to be followed at all times, there are no exceptions. All violations will be dealt with on a case by case basis. By playing Advent, you acknowledge that you know, understand, and will follow the rules. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse.

Your presence here is a privilege, not a right. The IMMs reserve the right to remove any players deemed to detract from the general atmosphere of the game. While we will endeavor to explore other ideas, we will not tolerate players who blatantly disregard the rules of the game and/or cheat. Please do not give us reasons to deny you.

1. HAVE FUN. First, last, and always, Advent is designed to give both players and staff a good time while they’re here. Help to make our environment friendly and enjoyable, and it will come right back to you. If you are not having fun, please let us know why. The staff promises to do everything we can to make the game enjoyable for everyone.

2. Be courteous and civil to other players and IMMs on OOC channels. This means no cursing, racial slurs, sexist remarks, or otherwise offensive or profane language (we understand general playful discussion that may include flirting, and understand the difference). Consequences will include loss of OOC channel privileges and possible denial or banning for repeated offenses. Any OOC harassment of any kind will be an immediate ban of ever being able to play Advent.

3. Advent of the Mists allows playerkilling in a restricted manner. Be sure to be familiar with the guidelines for playerkilling before attempting to kill another player. See ‘help pk’.

4. Multicharing/multiplaying is not allowed at Advent. For more information on this, see ‘help multicharing’. Abuses may result in denial of one or both characters involved, as well as sitebanning.

5. Do not use information learned with one character to benefit another. Remember that each of your characters is his/her own separate person, they do not share each other’s knowledge. See ‘help role-playing’, and ‘help multiple characters’.

6. Do not force role-playing situations of topics that all parties are not comfortable with. This mainly applies to situations such as rape, sexual harassment, abuse, and torture. No player must ever be forced into a situation that they are not comfortable with out of character. We will allow any situation to be role-played as long as ALL parties fully consent. You should proceed with caution in these situations, and stop IMMEDIATELY if asked. If your are involved in such a situation and other parties involved refuse to stop, you may quit the game and notify the IMMs. Violations of this rule will be taken VERY seriously.

7. Observe basic rules of online etiquette, in particular no typing in all CAPITAL letters, and no spamming. You will be asked once to stop such behaviors, after which loss of channel privileges or more serious measures may be taken. On the same note, it is a basic courtesy to other players to use correct capitalization and punctuation while roleplaying. Please do this.

8. Do not exploit bugs in the game. While we do our best to create a perfect environment, mistakes will be inevitable. If you come across or hear of a bug, it is your responsibility to report it to the IMMs as soon as possible. A bug is defined as anything in the game that does not work as it was designed to do, or which provides a player with an unintended advantage. If you think something could be a bug, be safe and ask. We will be skeptical against claims of “I didn’t know I was abusing a bug.” when common sense might dictate otherwise.

9. Do not use any form of botting or ways to allow your player to stay online while you are away from the keyboard. Being AFK for a length of time is severely frowned upon. This is a roleplaying MUD, therefor roleplay is the highest priority. Stat crunching and botting are strictly prohibited. Note: We don’t mind command stacking during combat, we all do it. But command stacking or macros that allow you to stay online while you’re AFK are also not allowed.

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