Before you begin your travels through our world, we strongly suggest reading through our website to familiarize yourself with Advent and help answer any questions you might have. There are many helpfiles also available in the game if you come across something that confuses you. Just type: help <topic> in game.

Both experienced Mudders and those new to MUD’s in general are advised to check out our expansive Newbie section (currently down).

View our Youtube instructions on how to login to the game

Mud Clients:
The most popular way to connect to a MUD, mud clients are very small programs that offer very useful features for MUDing. A list of MUD Clients and information can be found on our Newbie page.

Each client differs in setup, obviously, but the basic information you will need to know to configure your client to play on -our- MUD is this:

Port: 8310

Java TelNet Applet: (Currently Disabled)
If you aren’t able to install anything on the computer you plan to use to play Advent, then this is the perfect solution. Great for library or other restricted computers. Play through your web browser! All you really need is to make sure your browser is Java enabled.

Most can go ahead and connect through a default windows program called telnet that should be already installed on your computer by clicking here. Though convenient, it only allows you to do basic functions, and doesn’t have any special features like mud clients. You cannot scroll or change the size of the screen when in telnet. Basically it sucks.

If you have trouble connecting to Advent, feel free to e-mail to contact us.