Before you begin your travels through our world, we strongly suggest reading through our website to familiarize yourself with Advent and help answer any questions you might have such as the rules for gameplay. There are many helpfiles also available in the game if you come across something that confuses you. Just type: help <topic> in-game or ask one of the staff with the “Tell” command or hop on our Discord.

Both experienced Mudders and those new to MUD’s in general are advised to check out our expansive Newbie section.

Video Login Tutorial

Play via your Browser (no software necessary!)

Mud Clients:

The most popular way to connect to a MUD, mud clients are very small programs that offer very useful features for MUDing.  Once you’ve installed a MUD client, you input the host and port for the MUD you wish to connect to, and you should then see an introductory screen welcoming you to login. Each MUD’s introductory screen or “greeting” is different, but once it loads, you’ll be asked to start the process of creating your character, usually starting with the first name of your new character.

Each client differs in setup, obviously, but the basic information you will need to know to configure your client to play on -our- MUD is this:

Port: 8310

Alternatively, if you need to use the IP address, it is: TBA

We have a freeware version of zMUD available for download. Install it and simply add in the host and port information and login 🙂 Be sure to select “Evaluate” to continue using this free client.

Other Popular MUD Clients

Browser Based Clients

Add-on for Chrome
Google Chrome has a MUD Client (we have not tested it) that you can add to your browser to play. It’s called DUCK Mud.

Play via your Browser (no software necessary!)

Mobile Clients


Mukluk Client
We’ve used this one before when on the road and needing a way to monitor things remotely.

BlowTorch MUD Client
We haven’t used this one yet



If you have trouble connecting to Advent, feel free to e-mail to contact us.