Site is Back Up

Yeah, I know. The site has been down for a while. The forum upgrade completely froze and knocked everything out of sync. I simply didn’t have enough time to mess with it until now. We’re slowly getting our bearings back so we can start getting a new site in order, getting the MUD back up and running, and start picking up where we left off.

Like us on Facebook or join the forum to participate :)

Advent May Be Coming Back

There’s been a lot of talk lately about Advent of the Mists MUD making a come back this year. I have been given it a lot of thought (due to my own itch for some great RP like we used to have), and will be entertaining the idea of starting Advent back up sometime this year. It won’t be this spring, may not even be summer, but like us on facebook or follow us on Twitter and you should get some of the first news about any developments.

The forums are still open, and we may start developing more plotlines and themes there in the meantime.

– Crystal

Advent of the Mists MUD is closing

Yes the rumors are true, Advent of the Mists MUD is closing at the end of July. Cedric and Crystal no longer place the MUD on the top of their priority lists, therefor it has just fallen to the way-side.

However the website and forums will remain up, for at least the next 2 years since it’s paid for. Crystal still intends to flesh out world theme stuff on the website as a hobby. We are leaving the option open to maybe reopen the MUD if we decide we have time/desire to do so. And because of that we are not releasing the code-base, despite several inquiries.

As a parting gift, here’s a youtube video I started at the end of 2008 but never finished editing. I was saving it to help launch us into beta when the time came :)

Superbowl Bet TODAY

Today is the big day for Superbowl RPP. Players have voted and chose the team Indianapolis Colts. Staff will get the Saints, and the winner will get 10 RPP.

To qualify, you have to get on and roleplay sometime during the superbowl. You don’t need to stay online the entire time. I will start tallying names at 6pm of those that participate.


Happy Thanksgiving!

With much coding happening recently, and potential new areas coming in, we have a lot in store for the next couple weeks hopefully :)

We are giving away double RPP from now until Sunday night to celebrate. We may also be doing some random RPP rewards throughout the holiday. I haven’t quite figured out what yet :)

Also look for a new contest coming up for Christmas.

Millennial Fair a Success!

We completed our millennial fair last night with our masquerade ball. Thought bit of a targetting nightmare, the ball itself (and the socializing during and afterwards) was a great success. I want to personally (and unfavoritingly) thank Lyght for organizing the entire ordeal, and all of the participants that added their own flare to the events.

I will be working on making sure everyone has received RPP for their participation, submissions for contests, and the two polls from the forum within the next week or so.

Millennial Fair

There is one more millennial fair event left, the masquerade ball. All of the contests have been completed and winners have been chosen. WOW we have a talented and creative bunch of folks here. I was reading over the submissions for the various contests and they were awesome. Congrats to the winners of the Bardic contest, Scavenger Hunt, and Art contest!

Join in the wind-down of our celebration by participating in the masquerade ball sometime this week. We will post details soon :)

Player-run Contests abound!

Lyght is running several contests to celebrate the turning of the millennium in-game.

There will be an Art Contest, a Ball and Bard Contest, a Scavenger Hunt, AND a Masquerade Ball!

These events all run at different times, so please visit the forum for details. Prizes have not been announced, but I will be supplementing all of these with RPP rewards (the amount though, will be a secret).

Come join in the turning of the MILLENNIUM!

Double RPP for July 4th!

To celebrate July 4th, we are giving away double rewards all day, even to our non-american player friends 😀 Rumor has it a new small area will be launched today too in order to start the RP for 2 other areas that are ready to launch as well :) We’ve also put in an OOC arena for sparring and playtesting of the combat and such, so feel free to use it for such. The OOC arena is -not- meant for a place to hang out and chat though.