January 2021 Code Updates

With January, we have made some significant adjustments to the core combat formulas. As there have been a lot of changes lately, we have been letting the dust settle and evaluating the impacts. This coming month there are a few bug and skill interaction clean-ups already queued. The longer term internal skill changes will also still be going on behind the scenes. Below is the change log for January which can be seen in game with Help Updates (and Help Recent to see helpfile updates).

2021-01-01 Crashfix: Quitting as a queued command
2021-01-10 Tweak: Formulas for Accuracy, Evasion, Encumbrance, Damage, Spell Power, Spell Resistance
2021-01-10 Tweak: Skill formulas for Dodge, Shield Block, Parry
2021-01-10 Tweak: NPC Health Regen
2021-01-10 Tweak: Armor calculations
2021-01-10 Tweak: Finesse calculation
2021-01-10 Change: Finesse no longer has a prerequisite
2021-01-10 Change: Oath of Purity resistance increased
2021-01-10 Change: Off Balance causes Dodge penalty instead of Dodge negation
2021-01-10 Crashfix: NPCs wielding weapons (outside of on load)
2021-01-10 Bugfix: Overpower was triggering weapon enchantments
2021-01-10 Bugfix: Equipping weapon with empty main hand and something in offhand
2021-01-10 Bugfix: Direction was used in Scroll Keywords
2021-01-10 Bugfix: Endurance of Earth was not updating current health
2021-01-10 Bugfix: Hidden immortals and chain lightning
2021-01-10 Bugfix: Accuracy impact of Flash and Dirt Kick
2021-01-10 Bugfix: Berserk with two expiring messages