Frequently Asked Questions

Someone has committed a crime against me in the game, what do I do?

Your first step should be to send an in-character scroll to the law enforcement organization for that territory. Right now while we are in Thelasia, that organization would be the Imperium. If you were harmed in the Maitland Valley or Village, then you will need to seek out the leader of the Centaurs and speak with them. This is information you have to find out IC.

If your scroll is not responded to, then seek out a member of that organization and speak with them directly.

Do not in any way take the crime to an OOC level through tells or complaints to the staff unless it was done in a method that is against our game rules. An example of this would be if someone either abused a bug to commit the crime, or PKed and/or attacked you without any IC just reason. Keep in mind that there may be motivations behind certain crimes that you aren’t aware of, but the staff will be because of that character motivations or think dialogue.

Where should I go to work on my skills?

There are currently 3 ways to work on your skills in the game.
1. Training on golems in the University
2. Hunting animals in the valley and selling their pelts
3. Using passive points to up all of your skills (and also using RPP to convert to more passive, which you earn through roleplay. This method is also covered in our Skill System YouTube Video)

How do I earn gold?

We have a detailed explanation on how to earn gold in the “tips” section of our website.

How do the skills and magic work on Advent?

We have a YouTube video that explains our skill system for new players.

I’m trying to find X but can’t. How do I go about finding out this information?

Every area that we have open in the game has had a map created for it on the website. There’s not really an excuse for being lost in the game, but even so players are not permitted to tell you how to get to places OOC, only IC.

Like locations, if you are trying to find someone whether it’s a mob or a PC, you need to ask someone IC for this information. Sending tells to your friends telling them where to locate the trainer is a big no no.

Same rule as the previous.

I have a complaint about a player, how do I go about reporting it?

Player complaints should be submitted to the staff either by email to imm [@], or by write a note to imm on the MUD. Please give a detailed account of what happened (and a log if possible via email), and what you felt was wrong about the situation. We will then investigate the matter with both parties, so we may ask you some questions and clarification before reaching a decision. We will always try to be as fair as possible.

What do I do if I feel I was unjustly denied, banned, or punished?

Well, first I’d like to note that posting a big outcry on the forum isn’t going to help your case at all. In fact, it will probably put the last nail in the coffin. The recommended method is to send an email to the staff at imm [@] and plead your case in a well-constructed, detailed debate, listing points and examples that help support your argument.

However, if you were punished for blatant cheating, disrespect, or abusive behavior, then don’t expect a very good response.

My IP is Site-banned because of another player, how do I continue to play the MUD?

If you are a new player that wants to try out Advent of the Mists MUD, send a mail to imm [@] stating that you would like to play and we will correspond with you to set up an account and a new alt and give that alt permissions to play.

If you are a returning player that is unable to logon, follow the same steps above but also give us your existing account name (and existing alt if you have one so we can allow that alt to play). Anytime you need to set up a new character, we will have to create the character for you and give it permissions, so have an idea of what you want to play.

Have a question not answered above?

Leave a comment below with it or use the contact form or Discord and we’ll answer it as soon as we can 🙂

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