The Sun and Moon of Visola

Wheel of the YearThe Visolan Calendar is largely based on IRL seasons. We have 12 months a year, 3 weeks a month, and 12 days in a week which equals 432 days a year. It has a strong numerology influence with 12, 4, and 3 (all multiples of 12), also the sacred number for our game (hence the 12 pointed star in our logo).

Our months and days follow the same deity influences and are the basis for our zodiac (stat generation) system during character creation. We’ve attempted to match the deities with the months based on the IRL seasonal calendar so that players are able to identify with the seasons easier. Such as Anari being the Month of Storms, the equivalent to April (“April showers bring May flowers”). This also explains why Ereleia is the month of the Muse and the Goddess of Beauty, the equivalent of May flowers and all the beauty and lushness that comes with May. Though days do not have helpfiles, since their theme is the same as the months, you can view a description of each month by typing: help <month name>

The year starts with January (to make things simple and easier to remember)

Months: (based on the Deities themes)
Month of the Ancestors (December)
Month of the Red Dawn (January)
Month of the Bitter Betrayal (February)

Month of the Wild Hunt (March)
Month of Storms (April)
Month of the Muse (May)

Month of the Sun (June)
Month of Shadows (July)
Month of the Four Winds (August)

Month of Dreaming (September)
Month of the Mists (October)
Month of the Hammer (November)

Days: (based off the Deities totems)
Day of the Dragon
Day of the Scorpion
Day of the Panther
Day of the Dolphin
Day of the Peacock
Day of the Lion
Day of the Snake
Day of the Eagle
Day of the Tortoise
Day of the Dragonfly
Day of the Iron Bull
Day of the Raven