The races of Visola are diverse and unique. Each has their own detailed history and personality. Below is a list of the races and a general stereotype of each.  You can also view descriptions in game by typing: HELP <RACENAME> and we have a helpfile that explains how measurements work at HELP MEASUREMENTS.

Disclaimer: At Advent we do not allow half-breed races. They are often killed by the Gods as a disgrace to their creations. However in light of very detailed and well thought out storylines we are able to make exceptions. But it must be approved by the Administration first. Read our article on the concept of racial mixing.

Playable Races


Self-Explanatory. Created by the deity of power which explains their rabid ambition for success.


Like humans except a few distinguished physical features and more graceful and frail. Created in the image of the goddess of art.


Half human, half horse breed of nobility. Honorable farmers and nomads of the land created within the essence of the deity of honor.

A Dwarven Male by Crystal Groves


A short and stocky breed with human features. The passion of craftsmanship runs in their blood.


Winged fey of the forests, small and innocent yet they still withhold mysteries of magic.


Large, thick beasts that dwell in the mountains if Ka’sador. They are shamanistic and often participate in great barbaric rites, but are easily misunderstood by most other races.


A catlike race originating in the deserts. As deceitful and unpredictable as the rolling sands themselves.


Birdlike humanoids who see the world from the perspective of the free skies.


Tiny wingless fey of the forests. Larger then their pixie brethren, they are the caretakers of the wilds. Strong and mischievous, but a bit troublesome.



An aquatic race of the oceans. Able to survive on land for short periods of time. Hydrelean will not be available for play during alpha testing.


Like humans in structure but much larger in size. These peaceful prophets and seers are wise and long living.


Intelligent, pious, and wise, gnomes are the scholars, priests, and historians of Visola.