On the Concept of Half-Races and Racial Mixing

A note from our creator: I realize through recent highlights about our policy on reddit an also on the MUD community discord that people think it is either

  1. Weird to have a written policy on mudsex, or
  2. Some sort of prude enforcement of free-willed adults, or
  3. Stupid or weird to even outline races that have the capability of breeding

Let me be clear about a few things regarding Advent. Our MUD has been around since 2001 and was built for roleplay intensive immersion. While other MUDs might “just be a game”, and that’s totally fine, our goal is to create a story with Advent. Everything we do lore-wise is very detailed, including whether it makes sense that a centaur or pixie could breed or not (Note: they can’t). It doesn’t matter to us if people “just want to have fun” so “should be allowed to do whatever they want” when it comes to the actual realistic lore of the game. In our game, it doesn’t make sense that and 8 foot tall orc and a pixie the size of your hand could have physical intercourse. It’s not about the gaming aspect in that regard, it’s about the lore and the story.

The same goes for MUDsex. Yes, adults can “do what they want”, but again we want to foster a safe and inclusive environment and experience. To do that, we need rules, and this is the set of rules that we as the entire staff, and our entire current playerbase agreed to in order to foster that environment.

Disclaimer that this is a reference to in-game races only.


Advent, in general, has had a strict no racial mixing policy since it started. This policy really only encompasses the conception of mixed races. We don’t have half-races, so we don’t permit having half-race babies. Any babies that are conceived between the limited mixable races have to be one or the other as the dominant gene.

Racial Mixing

Early on we were against racial mixing entirely, but have laxed on our limitations here just a bit from an out-of-character (OOC) standpoint.

For example, elves and humans are able to mix together as they are very similar in body composition. Pixies and Brownies are also allowable for the most part. These two races are the only races allowed to breed logically OOC. Can other races fall in love? I mean I suppose it is possible, but they cannot breed and they cannot create offspring.

We also can’t ignore the in-character (IC) repercussions for marrying an allowed race that is different from your own, and we’d be amiss if we didn’t warn you about them.

Sexual Attraction

We’ve found it necessary to elaborate more on the sexual attraction between races. In doing so we’re likely going to have to start by describing more physical characteristics than what we have on our page of races.

Human/Elf – Humans and Elves are almost identical and share the same type/size of sexual organs.

Felar – Felar is our cat-like race, therefor their bodies are completely covered with fur. Their sexual organs are like that of a cat, yes including the exterior ones. They are physically impossible of sex with any other race but a felarae because they are built only for felarae.

Aeromis – Aeromi bodies are covered in down feathers all over, normally a solid color, with arms covered in the longer colorful feathers they are known for. Their wings are connected along the torso and arms, much like a bat. They are not like those of an angel on the back. Their sexual organs are similar to a human, but rather than 3 separate holes for their biological functions, they simply have one like a bird. Aeromis cannot breed with any other race but their own.

Dwarf/Gnome – Dwarves and Gnomes have normal organs, but are stumped enough that they are only really capable of breeding with each other.

Pixies/Brownies – Pixies and brownies can only mate with each other due to their size. Their sexual organs are normal, like that of a human, but obviously on a much smaller scale. Their wings are on the back like a butterfly.

Centaur – Centaurs have the torso of a human with a bottom portion of a horse. Their sexual organs are exactly the same as a horse, therefore their sexual actions are exactly like that of a horse. They absolutely cannot breed with other races or perform any sexual acts with another race.

Orc/Giant – Orcs and Giants have the same sexual organs as that of a human, but their enormous size means they cannot breed or have sexual intercourse with any other race but their own. Orcs and Giants may both be larger than humans, but they cannot breed with each other.

Hydrelean – Hydrelean have sexual organs like a human, but cannot breed with any other race but their own.

It’s rare that races will be attracted to other races from a sexual standpoint. Hence why we elaborate that humans/elves and pixie/brownies are the only racial combinations that can breed and have offspring.

There is rarely an instance where races outside of the approved combinations will be sexually attracted to the other. Please read our rules on MUDsex for additional information.


As someone who is in a relationship with another race, be expected to experience racism from other characters. This can be mild or severe but is an acceptable form of hatred in-game. For example, elves and orcs are known to have a deep-seated hatred for each other. While it is possible for an elf and an orc to fall in love (that’s so creepy), they cannot produce offspring, and most other elves and orcs will likely hate them.

(IRL Note: We understand with the political climate of 2020 that Racism is a touchy subject. We disclose that we absolutely do not endorse racism in real life in any form against players. As characters, however, racism is a very real thing in the game. Orcs and Elves do not get along, Humans and Orcs do not get along, Pixies and Humans do not generally get along. These are acceptable in-game. We will not, however, tolerate any racial bias outside of the game).


The Gods were very particular with how they each created their individual races. Some in fact were so proud and particular, they would absolutely hate to see their creation soiled by mixing with another God’s creation. This is another form of potential racism and even cruelty that may befall your character. It won’t happen to everyone. An elf that devotes herself to Varick and marries a human that also devotes himself to Varick, may both find blessings from Varick and be seen as outcasts by Siramus and Ereleia (their makers). So Godly intervention is very possible either for or against your union.