Rules on MUDsex

A note from our creator: I realize through recent highlights about our policy on reddit an also on the MUD community discord that people think it is either

  1. Weird to have a written policy on mudsex, or
  2. Some sort of prude enforcement of free-willed adults, or
  3. Stupid or weird to even outline races that have the capability of breeding

Let me be clear about a few things regarding Advent. Our MUD has been around since 2001 and was built for roleplay intensive immersion. While other MUDs might “just be a game”, and that’s totally fine, our goal is to create a story with Advent. Everything we do lore-wise is very detailed, including whether it makes sense that a centaur or pixie could breed or not (Note: they can’t). It doesn’t matter to us if people “just want to have fun” so “should be allowed to do whatever they want” when it comes to the actual realistic lore of the game. In our game, it doesn’t make sense that and 8 foot tall orc and a pixie the size of your hand could have physical intercourse. It’s not about the gaming aspect in that regard, it’s about the lore and the story.

The same goes for MUDsex. Yes, adults can “do what they want”, but again we want to foster a safe and inclusive environment and experience. To do that, we need rules, and this is the set of rules that we as the entire staff, and our entire current playerbase agreed to in order to foster that environment.

If any particular rule here is something that a player does not support, definitely reach out to the staff to discuss possible changes. We’ve tried hard to be a safe environment that also allows players as much free will as we are able in what they do with their own characters. Our ultimate goal will always be an inclusive, respectful, and absolutely safe environment for our player base.

Rules regarding MUDSex

“MUDsex” is defined as explicit, consensual roleplayed sexual activity between “Player Characters” (PC). To protect our players, the following guidelines apply:

1. Players that are 18 or over are permitted to roleplay explicit and sexually-oriented scenarios. You are required before even starting such roleplay to confirm that the other player is of consensual age (18 in the U.S. where we are located).

2. We are not an erotic MUD, so the creation of characters for the sole purpose of sexual gratification is not welcome here. We are a medieval fantasy roleplaying MUD that allows consensual adults to RP out their characters as they see fit in our sphere of creation. If a character is here simply to mudsex you will not find yourself welcome by the staff.

3. Unwanted “Out-of-Character” (OOC) harassment is a denial or siteban offense. This includes sexual harassment or intimidation on -any- channel. We have ZERO tolerance for this sort of behavior. See our Rules for Playing Advent.

4. In-Character (IC) roleplay of harmful, destructive sexual behaviors between consensual adult players, such as rape are permitted on a limited basis (as in, both parties have alerted the staff ahead of time and are full consent). Sexual behaviors involving children are absolutely not allowed in any form. Besides denial and/or sitebanning, we will not hesitate to notify legal authorities if we have proof that the offending player has actually participated in any such activities.

A last word on this topic: In the IC world of Visola, sexual activity between people of different races (i.e. human/dwarf, pixie/felar) is severely limited from a logical perspective, and extremely frowned on IC from a racial perspective. It is a universal “no-no” and carries the same status in our OOC world as bestiality does. If your character enjoys such encounters, expect to feel the IC consequences. Please see our page on racial mixing for more details.

Only races that are viably similar (pixies/brownies, gnomes/dwarves, humans/elves) can potentially have sexual relationships. Any spawn from these relationships must be one race or the other, not a mix. No other races can intermingle, anyone caught doing so will bring down the wrath of the Gods. (this means we get to come up with creative ways to mess with you IC)

5. Sexual activity must be done in a safe location (I.E. not in public) that is built for private roleplay. Consider that minors may play this game and may wander into your area at any time, we simply do not permit this activity in public locations.

RP Points will never be rewarded for mudsex itself but might be rewarded if there was excellent roleplay leading up to the situation.