Advent of the Mists MUD is a classic medieval fantasy MUD currently in alpha testing but is open to players. We feature a rich classless and alignment less based system where players have the ability to shape game-play and world design through roleplay. We are heavily RP encouraged with a permadeath system and a completely custom skill, spells, and crafting system. Our areas are all original, no stock and we have a generous lore system with organizations (clans) and religions that players can participate in.

Advent of the Mists MUD was a concept started in 2001 by former players of Turning Point MUD. At the time, the creators were Jherlen, Crystal, Tagrael, Alera and Faledric and the goal was to create a classic medieval fantasy MUD that had the customization of a classless, level-less, and alignment-less system.

Crystal is currently the only original creator from the old days, partnered with a great team of staff to help continue the vision of the original goal of Advent. While we had a great run of our Alpha testing up until 2010, we decided to take an 8 year hiatus due to real life obligations. We brought the MUD back in summer of 2018 to reignite the passion, goals, and vision of what Advent of the Mists was intending to be.

We are built in Rom 2.4. We’ve considered switching to a more advanced codebase, and maybe one day we will, but all of the effort that has gone into this elaborate and customized system, it is not yet on our radar.

Our world is completely custom, built from lore of many sagas and stories we’ve all grown up with as inspiration. We’ve created this place from our own hearts and minds to develop an immersive story that players can manipulate, change, and grow through their roleplay with only guidance from our staff. The sigil or symbol of Advent of the Mists is the 12 pointed star (or sun), signifying the 12 Gods that created our in-game world.

Advent will always be a free MUD. We created this project from our passion and have no goals to charge people to play or even to receive certain features. We accept donations, of course, but there are no incentives for giving them.