Room Flags

Below is a complete list of building flags used in Advent of the Mists, should you get confused what something does.


air Must fly in order to move through the area.
city Flags sector as a city
desert Flags sector as a desert. Affects weather as much hotter.
forest Flagged as forest terrain. Allows creatures to camo and search for herbs.
inside Flags the room as inside, no weather commands (except maybe thunder)
mountainMore movement used to climb mountains.
deep-waterMust be able to fly, swim, or use a boat to cross.  Float will not work.
swamp More movement used to sludge through swamps.
shallow-water Shallow water areas, anyone can cross by walking or floating.
transportFor moving area such as wagons or boats
underground Flags as underground, inside.
underwaterFlags area as underwater, need to be able to swim to go under water. Will lose hp per tick. Water breathing extends the length of time one can stay in underwater areas.
roadFaster movement.


bankFlags the room as a bank
darkMeans you need a light to see in the room.
gods_only Only Gods may enter
imp_onlyOnly IMP’s may enter
newbies_only Only newbies (Level 5 and lower) may enter.
no_gateFlags the room so you are not able to gate from or gate to.
no_magic Flags the room so spells and magic are unable to be cast.
no_mobMobs are not able to follow.
no_recall Unable to recall.
no_summon_toYou are not able to summon someone to the room.
no_summon_fromYou are not able to summon someone from the room.
no_teleport You are unable to teleport into the room.
pet_shopFlags the room as a pet shop.
privateA maximum of two people in the room at once.
road Flags the room as a road, costing only half of your movement to walk.
safe You are unable to attack mobs or characters
solitaryOnly one person in the room at a time.
templeFlags the room as a temple
no_eatPrevents characters from going hungry when in the room (usually only God rooms)
no_drinkPrevents characters from dying of thirst when in the room (usually only God rooms)
stablesMakes the room a stable
arenaMakes the room an arena for watching and gladiator matches