Overview of the Setting:

The known world of Advent of the Mists is called Visola, and consists of three main known continents. The first, and most populated is Eadoin, governed by the predominantly human government known as the Imperium. The second continent is a series of small islands just east of Eadoin, known as the Kior’aan Islands. These tropical islands are mostly populated with small settlements of Hydrelean who have migrated from the depths of (such and such sea). Lastly there is the sultry continent of Asteria, virtually untamed by mortal hands and dominated by large rain forests.

Currently, the majority of Visola’s population is scattered about Eadoin. New players will start in the great harbor city of Thelasia along the eastern seaboard of Eadoin. Thelasia is the main trade seaport of Visola, and hosts a mix of races from all walks of life. Mostly governed by the Brotherhood of Latronis who regulates all commerce that comes in and out of port, Thelasia is also loosely governed by the Imperium.

The Imperium also governs their ‘allies’ of the Mahalian Kingdom, yet the alliance is very shaky for the elven people of Mahalia are very independent. In Thelasia, the central location for trade and commerce, the Brotherhood of Latronis monitors all trade that comes in and out of the harbor, often extremely. No one is able to set up shop without their say, and it is not wise to cross them.

The pantheon of deities that rest on the great cloud of Caelestis are meant to keep the balance within the Mists. They watch over the mortal world like a chess board, using mortals as their pawns in the great Jyhad of life. Some of them have followers that have built churches in their honor for worship. Most mortals pray to whatever deity serves their purpose at that given time.

Current Events:

– The bandits still have the Imperium hostage in Thelasia and unable to make it back to their home in Attania for reinforcements.

– The Imperium appears to be recruiting fresh guards.

– The prophecies of doom and fire have come true and the Maitland Valley erupted into fire and earthquake. A beast of fire belched forth from a great new fault in the ground, shaped like that of a dragon. It is also said that an elven woman was brought forth from the fault, some are beginning to speculate she is the bringer of the apocalypse. All that is known for certain is that Cedric has somehow been free’d from his sentence of death and has now taken his place on Caelestis and his throne below Mount Ka’sador.

Goal of the Game:

Presently, even after many seasons, the world itself is still recovering from the Age of Strife, which destroyed a majority of civilization. Some folks secretly blame the Pantheon of Gods for the mists almost taking over Visola, others blame each other, and still others are ignorant to any facts about the war. All anyone really knows is that when the red dawn rises over a misty horizon, that chaos ensues. They can’t stop it, they can’t control it, they can only try to help balance it.

About the MUD:

Advent of the Mists MUD is a free roleplay intensive MUD. This means that roleplay and character development alone are the main focus of the game, and mandatory to play. We are very proud of the community we’ve created so far in such an early stage of development. We value the constructive input and ideas of the playerbase and hold bi-monthly meetings with the players to discuss ways to improve the MUD. Our forum also acts as a portal of discussion and debate to allow our players to help mold and shape Advent or to ask questions.

Due to the serious lack in the majority of your ‘typical’ DnD/Tolkienish fantasy MUD’s out there, the goal of Advent is to create an unbelievably detailed and in-depth CLASSIC fantasy MUD. Rich with storyline and intriguing roleplay. At the same time, we’ve tried to reach a medium between “Realistic Roleplay” and “Fun.” Sure it’s nice to lose a finger, fly to a roof, or collect 50 items in order to spend a week creating a rather average sword, but those don’t add to the “Game” aspect of the MUD. We’ve tried to minimize complication while still providing the detail and richness of roleplay.

With the removal of alignment from the game, characters are now able determine their characters own personality. There is no typical “Good vs Evil,” allowing open-ended roleplaying for players instead of forcing them to act a certain way through code. Instead, the focus of personality has been put on background and upbringing, especially from your hometown. So where you choose to be from is going to greatly affect the type of character you make. Be sure to read the helpfile for your hometown carefully, it will provide important information about your characters childhood.