“Ereleia, protect your chosen ones, the first ones, the blessed ones.”
– Excerpt from the “Canto of the Twilight Diamond”, author unknown

Mahalia is an ancient kingdom that spans over a broad portion of western Eadoin. It consists of three known provinces: Mahalian City, Caer Menthadon, and El’Raanin. Mahalian City is the larger of the three, and the main portion of the Mahalian Kingdom. It is a very elegant city carved mostly out of marble with large columns, fountains, and foliage everywhere. A calm river known as “The Malian River” runs through the middle of the Mahalian City, used by citizens for travel throughout the city itself.

Caer Menthadon was a small city located eastwards of Mahalia, and acted as the gateway to the Mahalian Kingdom. Few remnants of Caer Menthadon remain, as it was destroyed during the Age of Strife.

El’Raanin rests on the opposite side of Mahalia, and is the large port city for the Mahalian government to export and import goods faster and safer than through land. It also acts as the main port for the Seramythian Elves to build and sell their infamous ships made from the unsurpassed Seramythian trees.

Patron Deity: Ereleia the Twilight Diamond, Goddess of Art and Beauty

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