There are many ways a player can contribute to Advent of the Mists.


Building is an integral part of Advent of the Mists. By volunteering to build, you are contributing not only your creativity, but also shaping the world of the MUD. You can create any type of area, as long as it fits in with the theme of the MUD. Every room on Advent of the Mists is hand built by one of our creative builders.

Even if you do not wish to build, but have ideas to modify or add to an area, you may use our online building contribution form and submit ideas.

Donate Money

Currently the server for the MUD is free, and the website costs about $15 a month which includes the yearly domain renewal. Bringing our total monthly cost to $15/month. So small donations are nice to have to ease expenses. There are absolutely no in-game benefits from doing so. You will gain nothing for your characters, but we would certainly appreciate your generosity. All donators will be listed on our donators page as a thank you.

To make a monetary donation directly to the MUD:

Where is the money going exactly?:

To put it simply, it’s going into Crystal’s bank account. The server is being paid for by Crystal’s account every month whether or not there are donations. Any money you donate is left in her account to use for the next months costs. When we eventually start advertising, then Crystal will be paying for that too out of pocket, so your donations will help offset that cost as well.

Either way, we always fully acknowledge our donators on the donators page, as well as list them in the MOTD, and try to do a mention on the forum.

Questions about legalities on Donations:

“I feel it is important that i make clear how i see the limits of the licence; You should know i am not against donations as such, and he may sell his merchandise as he pleases, but he may not use the game directly for this. The way i usually define this is if the players get some tangible modification within the game for their donations. Then it becomes commercialized. They pay for a service that is within the game.

I have no wish, nor any legal background for stopping donations made from commercials on the website, that offer no compensation game-wise. Nor have i any wish for preventing people selling merchandise on their website, that is related to the game (titled tshirts, mousepads etc..) .. in fact i recommend that you get your money this way.”

— Hans-Henrik Staerfeldt (29th August 2000)

“I just want to make clear where exactly the licence applies. And that is of course where using the sourcecode we have supplied, or sourcecode derived from our work.

If you give people any in-game benefits for their donations, you are in fact giving a service for the money you have rescieved. That is a commercial transaction, and thus you are commercializing our work. This we object to.

What i wanted to make clear, is that legally and morally we have no control of what you do, that you do not use our work for. Thus, if you want to sell mousepads and whatever from your website, we will not object.

If people want to donate money to you, personally, without having any services rendered using our software, we will not object to this. But if you use our software to render services for money or goods you rescieve, this we object to, as you are then commercializing our software. That we object to.”

— Hans-Henrik Staerfeldt (1st September 2000)

Report Bugs

We ask that all players keep a keen eye out for bugs in the code, problems with areas, and problem players in general.

If you have any questions, feel free to send a note to IMP or e-mail us at: imm[at]

Write a Review (not yet valid as we are not listed)

Several of the sites that we advertise Advent on, such as Top Mud Sites and Mud Connector allow players to provide reviews on MUD’s for other people to read. We always want our players to report any problems, in game or out of game, to the staff personally, so that we can take care of it and make sure that Advent is an enjoyable experience for everyone. But we always encourage our players to write honest reviews as well. If you want the playerbase and Advent to grow, then feel free to write a review for us on one of these sites.

Preferably, we’d rather have indepth reviews instead of “OMG THIS MUD R0X0RZ.” So please try to elaborate on whatever points you want to make about the MUD.