Object Drink Containers

To start editing an object, go to the room you wish this object to reset in.

Type: edit object create <vnum> – This will create a new object.
Type: edit object <vnum> – To edit an existing object.
Type: olist 1/2/3 – To see a list of all the objects in the area while in the object editor.
Type: show – to see the current information of the object, which should look like this:

To build the basics of your object, go to the Objects Tutorial first, then come back here for the drink container values.

Keywords: [no name]
Area: [ 3] Thelasian Harbor
Vnum: [ 256]
Type: [drink-container]
Level: [ 1]
Wear flags: [hold take]
Extra flags: [none].
Perm Spell: [nothing]
Activation: [never]
Act chance: [0%]
Material: [food]
Condition: [ 100]
Weight: [ 5]
Cost: [ 200]
Size: [tiny]
Ex desc kwd: [none]
Short desc: (no short description)
Long desc: (no description)
[v0] Liquid Total: [0]
[v1] Liquid Left: [0]
[v2] Liquid: water
[v3] Poisoned: No

Liquid Total, Left, Liquid, Poisoned

Liquid total determines how much water the drink-container can hold. On average a regular sized drink-container holds a liquid total of 20 or so.
To set the total amount of liquid type: v0 <number>

Liquid Left determines how much liquid is left in the container at first. Some containers are bought empty.
To set liquid left type: v1 <number>

The numbers are based off of gulps. If you want your container to just have one gulp of liquid, just set the number as 1. If you want it to hold 20 gulps of liquid, set the liquid total as 20.

Liquid lets you pick what type of liquid starts out in the container. For a list of liquids type: ? liquid
To set the liquid type: v2 <liquid>

Poisoned is simple, it flags the liquid poisoned or not.
This should be used with discretion, and wears off when all the liquid is gone in the container.
To set the liquid poisoned type: v2 <yes/no>

Note: It’s suggested that all drink containers be set as wear hold unless there is a specific reason for it to be set as something else.

To exit the object editor, type: done

And be sure to -always- save your area by typing: edit area, asave area, done