Immortals and Gods

The Immortals and Gods of Visola are those who look out over the world. They are known to meddle in the lives of mortals, looking over the world like a chess game.

Immortal Sphere Status
Varick, The Silver Gauntlet, High Judge of Caelestis Order, Honor, Justice, Retribution, The Sun God
Crystal, The Huntress, Maiden of the Wilds Nature, Survival, The Hunt, Growth, The Moon Implementor
Alyasne, The Free, Restless Spirit of the Four Winds Adventure, Chaos, Freedom God
Faledric, The Mountain God, Lord of Prophecy Dreaming, Prophecy, Nightmares, Fear, Temperence God
Cedric, Harbinger of War Rage, Conflict, Sacrifice, Courage, Transcendence, The Red Dawn God
Orenda, The Divine Sorceress, Lady of the Mists Mist and Magic God
Gannor, The Divine Hammer, Patron of Craftsmen Craftsmanship, Innovation, Gemstones and Devotion God
Siramus, Sovereign of Power Power, Wealth, Ambition God
Anari, Goddess of Storms, Lady of Love and the High Seas Love, Lust, The Sea God
Murelu, Son of the Shadows and Regent of Revelry Deceit, Trickery, Revelry God
Ereleia, The Twilight Diamond, Goddes of Art and Beauty Art and Beauty, The Constellations God
Isorian, Guardian of Knowledge, History, and Time. Keeper of the Underworld Knowledge, History, Time, The Underworld, Death God