Features of Advent of the Mists MUD

We pride ourselves on developing unique and interesting ideas on Advent. Below are a list of some of the features we offer.

  • Completely customizable classless system, no two characters are the same.
  • The freedom to create your character the way you choose by removing things such as alignment.
  • 12 intricately detailed and diverse races to choose from.
  • Over 200 spells and skills.
  • A variety of organizations (clans) to participate in, or create your own through role-play.
  • Areas have their own climate and weather patterns.
  • We have all original areas, absolutely no stock. We offer a completely original world
  • Realistic food depreciation and hunger. No more carrying 10 raw steaks in your backpack for months at a time, but also no more hungry messages every 15 minutes
  • An endless number of crafts such as farming, smithing, leatherworking, and many many more.
  • A permadeath system which allows for realistic assasinations without the threat of no consequences for peoples actions.
  • A toggable short description system which allows players to choose whether they want names to display or short descriptions for realism. Helpful for newbies yet also provides the mystery of not knowing who someone is when you first meet them. Cloaks, however, still hide names.
  • A reward system for roleplay that allows players to customize their character, equipment, homes, etc. even more. Based on the amount and quality of roleplay, RPP allow for players to never have to fight a mob to earn gold or advance their skills. This is set to an automated system so that players do not have to rely on staff involvement to insure that they receive their just rewards, however staff can add additional awards if they see fit.
  • An auto-restringing code that allows players to customize their equipment at will so the player is dressed in clothing suitable to their concept.
  • No limit on wearing gear beyond size, and most things are automatically sized by the smith for your character.