Female Brownie by Crystal Groves


Mistwood Forest

Patron Deity:

Crystal the Huntress, Maiden of the Wilds

Average Size:

Usually around a pace tall.

Age Range:

Adult age at 20 and they live to be an average of 100


Brownies are a small race, and their features are mostly human save for their pointed ears. Unlike their brethren pixies, brownies do not have wings. Normally they are dressed in woodland clothing that they’ve harvested from their forest homes, mostly due to its practicality. Such clothing consists of leathers, leaves, pliable barks, pieces of acorns, and bone. Due to their tribal nature, they are sometimes adorned with brown markings and tattoos to camouflage themselves virtually unseen in the forests. This may make them appear untidy to other races, but they prefer the obscurity. The generic distinction between males and females from a physical standpoint is the same as humans. However, they tend to dress identical with little discrepancy. Homes usually consist of large squirrel nests in trees or rabbit burrows. Some will be decorated with plain feasible furniture and pelts.

Example Description of a Brownie

Female Brownie:
At just a pace in height is this female Brownie. Her sienna colors hair has been braided into two pigtails with leaves and twigs poking out of her hair. There appears to be a small birds nest placed at an angle at the top of her head. A handprint of dried mud has been placed on her round-shaped face. Forest-green eyes peer out with curiosity. She appears to be thick and well built with scars here and thereupon her form. Her skin is softly tanned with a soft smell of earthy tones wafting around her.

Male brownie:
Dirty blond hair turned into a thick mane of dreadlocks covers this Brownie’s head. Random objects have been set into his hair, ranging from small bones to silvery and wooden trinkets. His chocolate-brown eyes stare out with determination. He stands at a pace in height with a well built and agile form. His flesh is well tanned with random marks made of mud on his arms and neck. His face appears to be dirty though from intention or not being clean is unclear.


Usually, their cheerful and wild demeanors are misconstrued as pranks and tomfoolery, with little concern for civilities. But beyond this, brownies are a fairly innocent race, filled with eager fun-loving energy. Brownie society is very unorganized to the point where they have no organized system of government or law. Most groups of Brownies don’t even have villages, instead, they stay in small clusters of families strewn through the forest. Due to their lack of community, they are often eager to meet other Brownies, and when they cross paths, are known to chat for hours or travel together at random. Some Brownies are known to be ignorant of their size to the point where they won’t even relinquish themselves to a hearty orc. They do best when they act in numbers, and rarely ever take on an adversary alone. They are often accompanied by a forest creature for travel and as an ally.

Brownies have a strong infliction to protect nature and work hard to coexist in the wild without disturbing the natural habitat. Sometimes they are friendly to travelers who pass through their territory, but should that traveler harm things along the way, Brownies tend to show no remorse. Most travelers will pass through a forest and find some of their valuables missing after unknowingly passed through Brownie territory.


Marriage customs in Brownie culture are very simple. Courtship is generally done through a hunting courtship where one must bring down a large prey as a gift or dowry for the other. Marriage ceremonies include a simple handfasting blessed with fertility from their Goddess Crystal. The procreation of Brownie culture is important in order to continue the tradition of protecting the wilds from other mortals poaching.

Naming Conventions

Brownie names are generally named by something in their natural surroundings. Family names are taken from places the families have lived for years such as Meadowbrook or Rosebriar. First names are generally something from the natural world like Willow, Amber, etc.


Brownies are pretty much structureless. They do not have a government or law enforcement, but they all take on the role of protecting the woods on their own terms. This can sometimes lead to chaos and uncertainty but has worked for many centuries.

Regardless of no official Government, Brownies do respect elders within their respective communities. Grandmothers and Grandfathers are considered the wisest of the family and are meant to be respected and listened to. That is why they spend so much time honoring them at family shrines, as well.


Brownies believe in reincarnation in that when they die, their bodies are placed back into the wilderness, generally covered in their namesake (rose petals for Rosebriar families, floating on a small raft for the Meadowbrook family, etc. as it varies) and then left to meld back into the ground. Not only is this believed to strengthen their hold on Mistwood, but it imbues the surrounding life with the energies of their people.

Some will even create small natural shrines where the family is buried or left to the water where they speak with their ancestors. This is one reason why every flower, tree, or bush is sacred to the Brownies, as they could very well be a former relative in a previous life.

Disclaimer: Brownies are not meant to attack anyone who happens across the forest or happens to be hunting for food. Anyone using this as an excuse to PK meaninglessly will be whomped. They, like pixies, do not act like children. Which means they do not gawk at “shinies”, do not talk with a 5 year old vocabulary, or anything relatively similar. Brownies are also not crazy.


Brownies are agile yet small creatures. They are just as cunning and quick-witted as humans, even if they are more naive. Their small stature limits their physical strength, but they are surprisingly resilient. Due to their relationship with their brethren pixies, they also have an above-average affinity with music. They do best when in the wilderness with natural adaptability. Due to their earthy nature, a lot of geomancy magic tends to do less against Brownies than other races. However, because of their secluded nature, they are more prone to poisons and diseases than most. Their tiny form allows them to easily hide in the wilds, move quietly and see clearly where others cannot.

Tips for Playing a Brownie

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Brownies are a newer race, originally created to coexist and protect the forests without disturbing the natural environment. During the Age of Strife, an army of humans camped throughout Mistwood, using its resources to no avail for food and shelter while waiting outside the gates of Mahalia. The war trudged on for months, and the resources of Mistwood quickly became depleted. It is said that when the Brownies and animals attacked, the entire army disappeared, with only their left behind equipment as proof that they even existed. Most elves attribute the Brownie involvement in saving their glorious city, but it was soon forgotten.

Notable Brownies Throughout History

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Common Stereotypes

Human – They are boundless. There are some whom we can call brother and live within our forests, but they differ so much it is difficult to tell who to trust.

Orcs – Orcs are good allies to have due to their strength and size. Their culture is a bit too serious but they’ve never looked down on us.

Hydrelean – They can be useful if you need help crossing some form of water, there is much we can learn about these water spirits.

Aeromis – They are to be respected. They may be weak, but they are wise and noble creatures who respect the wild.

Pixies – Our brethren whom we must protect. They aren’t bad lookin either!

Elves – Snobby stoned-forest dwellers mostly. Ask for some gold if they are lost in the forest, for you can be sure they carry a heavy purse.

Centaurs – There is much we can lean from each other, they are good friends of our kind and respect our ways.

Felar – The only creature who can be just as tricky as us! You may never meet one, but if you ever do, be sure to count your gold!

Dwarves – They are moody, they stink, and they are SO FUN TO PICK ON! They can never catch us!

Giants – I’ve never met a giant I could understand. Their heads are always in the clouds and they perform weird rituals. I tend to stay away.

Gnomes – I never really know what they are saying, but they do make interesting contraptions.



(This is the general concept of the race. Advent allows for diversity and originality when it comes to racial concepts and background, as long as it is within reason. Physical references to races should remain within the norm. Feel free to use your creativity should you choose to do so.)