Mistwood Forest


(Mistwood Artwork by Hadees Pixels)


Though scarcely populated, Mistwood is a haven for various races. Pixies, brownies, gnomes, even some elves and humans, all make their home within the forest of Mistwood. It acts as a sanctuary from the civilized world, providing rarely any evidence of civilization beyond the rare cottage or two. However, Mistwood is still ‘governed’ by the Imperium, but only by the occasional patrol through its woods to ensure their ‘hold’ on the territory.

Mistwood is best known for its mysterious year round fog. Legend states that the fog is from a well of mists, though one has never been discovered. Some say it’s a blanket of protection from Orenda to the inhabitants of the forest. Still others feel that the forest is cursed and fear roaming anywhere near it.

Patron Deity: Orenda, The Divine Sorceress, Lady of the Mists

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