February 2021 Code Updates

We made several important fixes this month as well as shifting more skills over to a cleaner internal system. The changes made last month appear are stable now. That will allow progression for NPC ability upgrades.
In development, we have several new Stances in testing as well as rewrites for Iron and Reverse stances. Currently one new mechanic is being tested called Disruption which caues a temporary Affect that increases fail chance of casting. We are also beginning support for the One Handed style.
If you want to help with testing and provide feedback, let us know in Discord! Our alpha-testing channel has when the development version is available.


Internal skill restructuring work continues
Crash fixes:
Specific situation NPC sequence
Issues with boarding
Bug Fixes:
Balefire was failing on certain Invis situations
Hide Behind was broadcasting to all
Infravision glitch (wrong red glowing eyes subject)
Infrared fixed
Distance/Approach removal messages were reversed
Finesse improves with combat
Hide improves over time
Hide can fail over time if not mastered
Prospecting, Swim, Appraise, Conceal, Cover, Peek, Scout, Track start at 100
Change in skill prices
NPCs with Quiet Movement can maintain Camo