June 2021 Code Updates

After a lot of running through the test branch, Stances are now live in Advent as well as the start of some new handling of mechanics. A stance trades pros and cons to allow a character to specialize their fighting style. In these changes are two negative statues. Disrupted causes a chance to fail casting spells. Staggered slows your attacks. Being Staggered or Off Balance will cause you to be considered not stable. This will be used more in the future to create more situations to pay attention and adjust for as attack or defender.


Crash Fixes:

Rare NPC positioning error


Command: Stance
Skill: Aggressive Stance
Skill: Defense Stance
Skill: Mountain Stance
Skill: Storm Stance
Skill: Dervish Stance
Skill: Drunken Stance
Skill: Disruptor Stance
Status: Disrupted
Skill: Cassowary Stance
Skill: Precise Strike
Status: Staggered

Bug Fixes:

Commune duplication feedback
Fixed internal logging issue
Reflect hitting self spells
Players will loot with NPC followers get last hit
Correct missing Improve Checks

Changes and Tweaks:

No longer required to be awake for Tells
Distance wording corrected
Color added to recenter message (approach/distance)
Fixes to immortal’s purge command
Bonus to Accuracy and Evasion to Open Offhand (without dual wielding)
Iron and Reverse Stances integrated into new system
Trip modified when used with Cassowary Stance to act as Roundhouse Kick
Stability check against Off Balance, Staggered, and Stunned
Lunge and Precise Strike require Stability to use
Emotes with speech show language