Ka’sador is a well-protected and strategically placed encampment along the Ka’sador Mountains. Only a single known path leads up the mountain into the orcish village, and it is heavily guarded by orc and beast alike. The village itself is filled with large wood and animal-skin structures both above ground and in the large volcanic caves. The ground is tramped into nothing but dirt, ash and stone, often muddy from the mountain run-off.

The buildings themselves are enormous and well-built, decorated with animal skins and bone. Their tips and even bellowing smoke can sometimes be seen from the Seramythian forest below with the naked eye. Along the outer edge of the series of mountains is nothing but an immediate drop-off into the ocean, offering the orcs solitude from the other races.

Patron Deity: Cedric, Harbinger of War


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History of Ka’Sador
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Culture of Ka’Sador
Holidays of Ka’Sador

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