Beruvian Mountains


Romjin is a small peaceful village that spans wide over the Beruvian Mountains, and neighbor to the dwarven city known as Darghel. Inhabited by the peaceful Giants, Romjin is derived of simple architecture, made from the surrounding wilderness. Wooden shacks and open caves are the foundation of their civilization, with several misty wells used for water as well as scrying. There are also many stone ritualistic circles and artfully displayed statues carved from the mountains themselves, depicting history as only the Giants can accurately portray.

Romjin is loosely governed by the Imperium Legion, as is their counterpart on the mountains, Darghel. They accept the protection, but rarely step outside Imperial Law, so the alliance between the two is relatively peaceful.

Patron Deity: Faledric the Mountain God, Eternal Prophet of Caelestis

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