Maitland Valley

Maitland Valley


Maitland Valley is a large patch of uncivilized prairie that reaches for miles and miles along the northeastern portion of Eadoin. The majority of the valley is full of tall grasses and rolling hills, with barely any trees in sight. To the west of the valley, a small village rests on the edge of a large lake that borders the Faxen Forest. To the east of the valley, several large rolling hills undulate and eventually blend in with the sandy dry land and beach that ultimately touches the ocean. To the north, a small row of rocky mountains enclose the northern portion of the valley.

It is mainly filled with various game, from buffalo to coyotes and jack rabbits. The territory around the Maitland is rural and entirely governed by the Centaurian people, though the Imperium provides protection from time to time. The village of Maitland Valley is nothing more than a few huts and tents, gathered together into a village like circle for the tribe of Centaurs that stay to keep up the Convenant of Varick.

Maitland commerce is mainly made up of small farming, generally wheat, and corn, as well as leathers and fur from the animals that habitat the valley. Their largest trade beyond skins is their wealthy and well-trained horse stock. You will not find a better horse than one raised in the valley of the Centaurs. The Centaurs there take great pride and treat their horses with great respect.

Patron Deity: Varick the Silver Gauntlet, High Judge of Caelestis

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