Quick list of big changes

As a quick catch-up, here’s everything big that’s been added since the last coding update!

* Smelting – characters can smelt raw ore into usable bars of metal.

* NPCs gained the ability to cast spells and use a few fairly complex skills in combat.

* Pet loyalty – As the first part of NPC A.I., pets now have some degree of loyalty to their owner based on how they’re treated. For now, this affects how hard they try to defend their master, as well as how they use their abilities in combat. As NPC A.I. becomes more involved, loyalty will affect more and more things.

* Deadly NPCs – some particularly nasty creatures in Visola will now murder unfortunate adventurers that fall to them in battle.

* Summoning – the first few spells in the new school of magic, Summoning, are finished: Rift, Circle of Protection, Summoning Circle, and Ward Portal. These lay the groundwork for Summoning, and pave the way for the A.I. code that will allow summoners to bind and control demons and other creatures from Eraphus and Abystus.

Also, don’t forget to check “help updates” in game, because that’s where all of the regular updates are listed. This is only for major game changes. We’ve had at least 5 entire pages of changes since the last update.

Mining is in!

The first set of crafting skills are in. Players will now be able to mine and sell certain ores to appropriate interested parties. We will also have smelting skills, and crafting skills to use certain metals to make certain weapons and armor.

Then comes all the fun stuff, herbalism, etc 😀

May Code Updates so far

A list of just code updates for the month of May:

05/02 (Cedric) Sleeping folks no longer see weather messages.
05/02 (Cedric) Says that include emotes, using ()’s, can now use @/#/& targets.
05/02 (Cedric) Shopkeepers must now be able to see players in order to sell/buy things.
05/02 (Cedric) Scanning, scouting, or fighting someone else now end ‘watching’.
05/02 (Cedric) Sneak, hide, knife and backstab can no longer be used in natural settings.
05/02 (Cedric) Poses can now be set while sleeping.
05/02 (Cedric) Sneak can no longer be used at all while in combat.
05/02 (Cedric) Scout can now be used while resting, like scan.
05/02 (Cedric) Double backstab now correctly checks the type of the offhand weapon.
05/02 (Cedric) Cleave, double backstab, entwine, flurry, knife, knockback, lash, launch, legsweep,
riposte, overpower, offhand parry, reverse stance, shieldcleave, sunder, undercut,
and wrench all no longer work with sheathed weapons (whew)
05/02 (Cedric) Guard Impact II will no longer disarm sheathed weapons
05/02 (Cedric) Corrected an eavesdropping failure message that was going to the whisperer
05/02 (Cedric) The affect descriptions for focus now show the correct bonuses
05/03 (Crystal) Added all missing rank 8 skills to teachers
05/04 (Cedric) Saytos with emotes inside ()’s can now also use @/#/& targets
05/04 (Cedric) Drawing weapons now removes shields and held items as needed
05/04 (Cedric) The draw command can now be used when one weapon is already drawn and the other is sheathed
05/04 (Cedric) The sheathe command can now be used when one drawn and the other is sheathed
05/04 (Cedric) Poisons can no longer be applied in the middle of combat
05/05 (Cedric) The elemental stat buff spells now strip previous affects correctly
05/05 (Cedric) Bleed mana no longer drains the victim below 0
05/05 (Cedric) The skillup rates for magic principle skills was made more consistent
05/05 (Cedric) Flash affects no longer stack multiple times
05/05 (Cedric) The finesse skill now increases on its own
05/05 (Cedric) Fixed a bug with who sees what messages during ranged combat
05/05 (Cedric) The stop command now halts ranged attacks
05/05 (Cedric) Added some info about character actions to scan and scout
05/05 (Cedric) Certain objects now show up when scanning and scouting
05/07 (Cedric) Characters in ranged combat can now move normally (albeit slowly)
05/07 (Cedric) Ranged attackers now see the movements of their target
05/07 (Cedric) Moving now temporarily reduces an archer’s ranged accuracy
05/07 (Cedric) Taking cover now slows movement during ranged combat
05/07 (Cedric) Shooting now slightly slows movement during ranged combat
05/07 (Cedric) Moving out of range/sight no longer immediately ends ranged combat – the archer
has some time to move back into range/sight to continue it
05/07 (Cedric) The ranged combat code can now find line of sight to a target in any direction
05/07 (Cedric) Adjusted the timing of ranged combat and the delays/ranges of ranged weapons
05/08 (Cedric) Changed around the access restrictions on few imm commands
05/08 (Cedric) Added new spell: raise dead (necromancy)
05/09 (Cedric) Added new spell: rot (necromancy)
05/09 (Cedric) Changed the quiet movement affect so NPCs can use it
05/09 (Cedric) Damage types in OLC can now be viewed with ‘? damtype’, like they should be
05/09 (Cedric) Added new spell: blood pet (necromancy)
05/09 (Crystal) Successfully created and progged said blood (my prog was awesome, so I had to put it here)
05/10 (Cedric) Created the ‘control’ command, for characters to directly control certain pets (like the blood pet)
05/10 (Cedric) Made the ‘return’ command usable by mortals, to stop controlling those pets
05/11 (Cedric) Strangling roots and entangle no longer work on flying targets
05/11 (Cedric) Terraform is no longer usable while flying
05/11 (Cedric) Changed archery/marksmanship/throwing to 8-rank skillsets
05/11 (Cedric) Reworked the accuracy of ranged attacks, and the modifiers for cover and deflect
05/11 (Cedric) Fixed a bug with engaging archers in melee when flying/landing
05/11 (Cedric) Fixed a bug with the scaling of weapon damage as skill ranks increased
05/11 (Cedric) Added more randomness to melee and ranged weapon damage
05/12 (Cedric) Added new spell: fleshcrafting (necromancy)
05/12 (Cedric) Changed how helpfiles are accessed, so none end up hidden behind similar files anymore
05/12 (Cedric) Fixed a bug with names in accounts
05/14 (Cedric) Added new spell: bone armor (necromancy)
05/14 (Cedric) Spell affects that improve armor now work correctly
05/19 (Cedric) NPCs can now speak and understand languages
05/19 (Cedric) Pets/charmies can no longer be ungrouped (use nofollow instead)
05/19 (Cedric) Summoning spells can now be cast chaotically


We’ve put in an auto-restringing code after being inundated with our players about restring requests (they’ve been such good roleplayers and earned so much RPP). Thus, we have automated the process by allowing our players to restring all of their objects at will, including extended descriptions (with auto-format).

The price for all restrings is 3 RPP, and there are a few guidelines for restringing items, which you can view details on at help restring.

Bonuses for Experienced Players

Experienced players can now create experienced characters, who begin the game with free extra skills depending on how much RPP the player has earned.

From now on all new characters that link themselves up to an existing account will be able to start with certain skills already at 100%. You’ll get some amount of experience points based on the total rpp on your account. You can use these experience points to buy whatever skills you want from the list in char creation.

Buying these bonus skills doesn’t cost any rpp; they’re a free bonus to every new character you create. The more rpp your account earns over time, the more experienced the characters you create can be. You don’t have to start out with experience if you don’t want to – you’re perfectly entitled to make a wussy total noob. It’s just there as an option to start the game as someone with experience.

We decided to put this in for several reasons: one is to reward our veteran players. Two, not every character concept makes sense starting out as a total wuss – a veteran, hardcore ex-soldier just has no business slapping golems and taking classes in elementary swordsmanship. Three, leveling really isn’t the focal point of Advent. Once a player has proven that they’re a worthy roleplayer (by earning lots of rpp) they deserve to skip the leveling grind and get right to roleplaying whatever kind of badass character concept they want. Four, and this is an important one…we want our well-rping veterans to be willing to make villains and other characters with short lifespans. A lot of very, very awesome storylines involve someone, somewhere, dying, and we want our players to be willing to play these storylines out. In the case of villains, especially, this character creation change is our way of saying that we trust our skilled, experienced players to create and play short-lived villains that start out strong and go down in a fiery burst of conflict-causing awesomeness. It really sucks leveling a character for 3+ months when you know it’s destined to die as soon as the RP really gets going. So once you have a good chunk of RPP, make that villain, play out a good storyline with him, earn more RPP for your account in the process (because people involved in conflict usually earn a lot more RPP than normal) and get the dude killed off in a blaze of glory and infamy.

So there we have it. Enjoy the free skills, think up some fun ways to get your new characters killed off, and may good times be had by all.

Siege Code

We have successfully completed the first phase of testing for our new siege code. This will allow the staff (for now) to create battle simulation during attacks. Eventually we will incorporate realistic city infiltrations, raur.

Short Description System

We are in the process of adding a short description system. What’s unique about this system is we’re incorporating it to be completely toggable (Default is OFF). That way people that do not wish to use it (like most of us staff) do not have to, but others who feel it adds to their RP can turn it on.

For now you will be prompted with physical attribute questions during your initial login or creation, but these will not be seen anywhere until the system is complete. If you do not remember your characters’ description, we can manually change it for you once the system is in.

RPP System

We have imposed a new set of code that will help reward players with Roleplay Points or (RPP). This system is automated, pending the quality and amount of roleplay a player participates in during their online time (though we won’t share what determines this via code). This will help keep a balanced amount of RPP distribution between players, as well as help to reward players that are online during off hours (like the few of you who are on when every other sane person is asleep).

Immortals can still give extra RPP for exceptional roleplay or scenarios, players just won’t be relying soley on Immortal involvement. We can also restrict any RPP distribution as needed.

Account System

We have implemented an account system for players to register characters under. With this, players are now able to transfer roleplay points (rpp) between characters to distribute and use how they see fit. This will help any new alts they create by giving them a head start with gold, skills, and restrings.

The account system will be tweaked as we add more tools and integration into the game. As it stands right now it’s pretty basic.

It is heavily suggested that all players register their characters with their account, and register an email address with their account. Should something happen where you forget your password our the code corrupts your password, if we do not have a valid email address, you will no longer have this character.

Permanent Objects

Players can now write a note and post it on a wall in-game instead of sending it out the normal way. These posted notes, as well as player corpses, are permanent items and will stay in the game through crashes and reboots. Any other item we think is appropriate can also be made permanent, and work the same way (this will likely be used for furniture in player houses at a later date).

Law Enforcement System

The intricate crime and imprisonment system is finished. Law enforcement players place warrants on criminals, then subdue them or arrest them mid-fight. If subdued, the criminal is imprisoned automatically. If not, the arrester has to escort the criminal themselves, where he/she serves out a sentence based on the crime, in public stocks (rotten tomatoes for throwing will come later). The arrester or a member of the same organization can release the criminal or make him/her wait or follow them at any time, as well as take the criminal out of the stocks, lead them around, and put them back in. Criminals stay in shackles as long as a member of the arresting organization is in the room with them (for interrogations and such). If the criminal is left on their own, they’ll escape quickly.