August 2020 Updates to Code and Lore

2020-08-28 (Adalon) Bugfix: How multi-attacks were learned / unlearned
2020-08-28 (Adalon) Bugfix: Racial languages/skills being unlearned
2020-08-28 (Adalon) Bugfix: Character creation skill learning
2020-08-28 (SageUlf) Bugfix: With how fish were assigned
2020-08-28 (SageUlf) Builders: Improved fish options
2020-08-28 (SageUlf) Completed fish stats
2020-08-28 (SageUlf) Internal code structure layout improvements
2020-08-29 (Crystal) Cleaned up some helpfiles and added to the website grimoire
2020-08-29 (Crystal) Started the character concept generator on the website
2020-08-29 (Crystal) Started compiling gaming music on the player portal of the website
2020-08-29 (Crystal) Upgraded website server php from 7.0 to 7.2, tested website
2020-09-02 (Crystal) Completed cleaning up and archiving all building resources on the website
2020-09-02 (Crystal) Created a gaming music page on the website
2020-09-02 (Crystal) Updated website search functionality to include grimoire

Some additional Lore Items from Crystal:

We are combing through various lore objects with a fine-tooth comb to check for consistency and also add missing pieces of lore. For example, Orcs have been updated with new items such as views on marriage, the afterlife, appearance features, and tips on playing an Orc. We’re going to be adding these new features to other races (we’ve already started on Dwarves) over the course of the month, and then finally doing the same for Orgs, Cities, Gods, and Churches.

The website will have the most up to date information for all of these, but I will slowly be going through and updating the helpfiles a well.

Additionally, as new lore is created, we are adding entries into the Grimoire for things like traditions, festivals, historical markers, etc. These will also be added to helpfiles, but will likely be on the website first (and searchable).

You can now access the MUD via your browser

We’ve incorporated the MUDLabs link and a MUDSlinger link in the menu and on the connect page so that users can login and play from their browsers easily. This should hopefully help new players get accustomed to the game without worrying about downloading or installing software. We are looking at additional avenues for browser-based play, as well.