November 2020 Code Updates

November involved a lot of tweaks and fixes. This will be the plan for December as well. In most cases, while fixing we are able to update the underlying code. Thus getting to repair a problem and lay groundwork for planned features. As always, please keep that feedback rolling in.

To submit a bug, please go to the website under Player Central. There you will see a Report Bugs option. Select ‘Report a Bug’ under ‘What are you contacting us about?’. This goes straight to our ticket board and therefore will not get lost in a discussion.

When you encounter a problem but are uncertain, you can use the Ask command in game or the channels in Discord to verify that something strange or wrong is happening.


Change Log:

Change: Major password encryption upgrade
Addition: Message about old passwords on login
Internal: Technical cleanup (variables, defines, warning messages)
Bugfix: Pet Duplication
Tweak: Changed load order so that you see pets when you login
Bugfix: Lunge failure off balances user instead of target
Bugfix: Icebrand/Flametongue not triggering autoloots
Bugfix: Ignoring immortals better in area effects
Tweak: Readability of trap effects and using Dex
Tweak: Clearer cantrip failure when using an incorrect word
Tweak: Ignore ‘to’ when using syntax “Give Object to Target”
Tweak: Remove Yield from score (was not functional)
Tweak: Show hunger/thirst in score
Bugfix: Browse issue targeting items in user’s inventory
Bugfix: Approach/Distance failure no longer restarts a Stopped opponent
Bugfix: Container value off by one
Typo: Removed extra space in characters without a title/surname in room
Tweak: Added additional info to immortal Finger command
Tweak: Renamed autosac to autojunk
Additional: Exit Display to change autoexit to detailed display
Bugfix: No more NPC apprenticing
Internal: Affect Ownership values
Internal: Affect overhaul for standardization
Tweak: Plague owner attempts to resist
Addition: ‘Affect Self’ to see owned affects (rough draft)
Addition: Immortal ‘Affect Master’ to see all affects (rough draft)
Tweak: Chaotic cast message given even when spell does not have chaos effect
Bugfix: Allow Shieldcleave targeting others while in combat
Removal: wemote – does not currently function correctly, can be rebuilt later
Bugfix: Two-handed bastard swords were not applicable for Wideswing
Tweak: Message relating to skill level on wield
Tweak: Unskilled weapon use no longer swaps to Unarmed skill
Bugfix: Use instrument checks for the correct instrument message
Bugfix: Helpfile prereqs now correctly look at the listword
Bugfix: Command echo added back after removal for new password
Crashfix: Ordering NPC followers to think
Crashfix: Redit Format
Crashfix: Cedit – Same name
Bugfix: Dispel on Fly and Float causes landing
Bugfix: Cast was checking non-spell skills
Addition: Cure Poison available at Healers
Addition: Cooking skill (not a command, used for crafting recipes)
Tweak: Weapon check cleanup
Bugfix: Wound now checks weapon type
Change: Wideswing to work with any two-handed weapon
Bugfix: Targeting with the minor damage cantrips
Change: Command Use <instrument> to Play <instrument>
Change: Weighted skill floor of 50-100 vs 1-100
Change: Drive / Charging Drive skills
Change: Legsweep causes Off Balance on fail
Change: Family name max of 15 characters at creation
Change: Newbie message on Sacrifice about the Junk command
Bugfix: Focus Endurance was going to Strength
Bugfix: Weapon checks with Conceal and Wound
Bugfix: Learning multi-attack skills
Bugfix: Approach/Distance failure overriding Stop
Change: Ask channel can be used while Stunned
Change (Builders): Updated desc editors Rooms and Progs
Change (Builders): Prog code indention maintained
Change (Builders): Fish lookup corrected