October 2020 Code Updates

Here are the LIVE code updates for October, however, there’s a whole slew in the queue that are done to be brought over from Varick when he gets internet back from Hurricane madness. So the November update report should be hefty.

2020-10-04 (Adalon) Crashfix with Prog Outfit
2020-10-04 (Adalon) Crashfix with social edit saving
2020-10-13 (Crystal) Backed up all ports
2020-10-15 (Crystal) Updated the World Timeline with recent events
2020-10-17 (Adalon) Crashfix for large number of fighters in combat
2020-10-17 (Adalon) Reworked autoassist in combat for better flow
2020-10-17 (Adalon) Highlighted ‘too many attackers’ message
2020-10-17 (Adalon) Corrected display issue for Commune
2020-10-17 (Adalon) Corrected minor skill table errors
2020-10-17 (Adalon) Typo fixed in a cantrip
2020-10-17 (Adalon) Added ‘Return to the Grave’ to dismiss undead minions
2020-10-17 (Adalon) Corrected a few issues for other mob dismissals