September 2020 Updates

Codewise, we cleaned up a few hidden crash bugs. We also did tweaking and testing crafting functions. Scrounge is an unskilled gathering command with more to be added to it. Syntax was adjusted in crafting to make it flow and scale better.


Update list:

2020-09-02 (Crystal) Completed cleaning up and archiving all building resources on the website
2020-09-02 (Crystal) Created a gaming music page on the website
2020-09-02 (Crystal) Updated website search functionality to include grimoire
2020-09-16 (Crystal) Updated tons of lore on orcs, gnomes, dwarves, and in the grimoire
2020-09-16 (Adalon) Fixed crash condition in practice command
2020-09-23 (SageUlf) Fixed crash condition when immortal controlling NPC
2020-09-27 (Adalon) Adjusted message for newbie helpers
2020-09-27 (Adalon) Scrounge command added
2020-09-27 (Adalon) Craft syntax moved to Numeric instead of names
2020-09-27 (Adalon) Craft List changed to show by Skill Category
2020-09-27 (Adalon) Craft recipes can now result in multiple copies
2020-09-27 (Adalon) Bug fix with bone armor targeting