Quick list of big changes

As a quick catch-up, here’s everything big that’s been added since the last coding update!

* Smelting – characters can smelt raw ore into usable bars of metal.

* NPCs gained the ability to cast spells and use a few fairly complex skills in combat.

* Pet loyalty – As the first part of NPC A.I., pets now have some degree of loyalty to their owner based on how they’re treated. For now, this affects how hard they try to defend their master, as well as how they use their abilities in combat. As NPC A.I. becomes more involved, loyalty will affect more and more things.

* Deadly NPCs – some particularly nasty creatures in Visola will now murder unfortunate adventurers that fall to them in battle.

* Summoning – the first few spells in the new school of magic, Summoning, are finished: Rift, Circle of Protection, Summoning Circle, and Ward Portal. These lay the groundwork for Summoning, and pave the way for the A.I. code that will allow summoners to bind and control demons and other creatures from Eraphus and Abystus.

Also, don’t forget to check “help updates” in game, because that’s where all of the regular updates are listed. This is only for major game changes. We’ve had at least 5 entire pages of changes since the last update.

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