November 2018 Code Updates

11/04 (Cedric) Reworked Disarm and Guard Impact into temporary affects (no weapon drop)
11/04 (Cedric) Adjusted Disarm and Guard Impact success rates and time delays
11/04 (Cedric) Reduced Vulnerability damage bonus to 33% extra, down from 50%
11/05 (Cedric) Adjusted the depreciating returns scaling for armor
11/05 (Cedric) Added a new curse that causes thinking out loud
11/10 (Cedric) Increased learning speed for lower rank weapon and defensive skills
11/10 (Cedric) Fixed several quest issues and increased the rewards of several quests
11/10 (Cedric) Added a ‘quests’ command to view your quest log
11/10 (Cedric) Adjusted very low rank fishing to be more profitable / less punishing
11/10 (Cedric) Fixed a bug causing skill potential to start at 10,000%
11/10 (Cedric) Added an option to abandon quests with the ‘quest’ command
11/10 (Cedric) Significantly increased the melee damage of low-skill characters
11/10 (Cedric) Increased RPP’s bonus passive amount and reduced the gold amount
11/12 (Cedric) Skill increases from passive points no longer decrease potential
11/13 (Cedric) Skills now start at a set starting value when learned, not just 1%
11/13 (Cedric) Slap is now just a basic command usable by all, not a skill
11/15 (Cedric) Items can now be set as draggable, to be dragged like bound characters
11/15 (Cedric) Fishing is now automated as long as the fisher keeps succeeding
11/15 (Cedric) Restring cost lowered to 1 RPP
11/18 (Cedric) Increased the effect of passive points
11/18 (Cedric) Reworked Well Rested – no longer an affect, now gives 20% extra passives
11/18 (Cedric) Slightly decreased repair costs, particularly for low quality gear
11/18 (Cedric) Added illusions and hallucinations to the Imm’s RP channel
11/19 (Cedric) Fixed a bug causing parry to not increase vs NPCs
11/23 (Crystal) Reworked some religious marks, started creating devotee marks
11/24 (Cedric) Fixed centaur+rider defensive checks, and several dismount cases
11/24 (Cedric) Fixed RPP history view for old characters with way too many entries
11/24 (Adalon) Weather shows when entering a different weather
11/24 (Adalon) OOC tags to Ask channel
11/24 (Adalon) Corrected bug with examine (showing two results)
11/24 (Adalon) Ventriloquate gives response with no target
11/24 (Adalon) Wealth shows at the bottom of inventory
11/24 (Adalon) Hide shows with Affects
11/24 (Adalon) A few more keywords for Note Scroll
11/24 (Adalon) Multi Practice sessons – practice ‘skill name’ potential target
11/26 (Crystal) Updated religious ranks for all faiths. Elders and priests can now mark.
11/27 (Cedric) Various fixes to the Knockback skill
11/27 (Cedric) Bought pets and mounts no longer carry their cost in gold
11/28 (Cedric) Fixed prices for bought pets and mounts

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