May Code Updates so far

A list of just code updates for the month of May:

05/02 (Cedric) Sleeping folks no longer see weather messages.
05/02 (Cedric) Says that include emotes, using ()’s, can now use @/#/& targets.
05/02 (Cedric) Shopkeepers must now be able to see players in order to sell/buy things.
05/02 (Cedric) Scanning, scouting, or fighting someone else now end ‘watching’.
05/02 (Cedric) Sneak, hide, knife and backstab can no longer be used in natural settings.
05/02 (Cedric) Poses can now be set while sleeping.
05/02 (Cedric) Sneak can no longer be used at all while in combat.
05/02 (Cedric) Scout can now be used while resting, like scan.
05/02 (Cedric) Double backstab now correctly checks the type of the offhand weapon.
05/02 (Cedric) Cleave, double backstab, entwine, flurry, knife, knockback, lash, launch, legsweep,
riposte, overpower, offhand parry, reverse stance, shieldcleave, sunder, undercut,
and wrench all no longer work with sheathed weapons (whew)
05/02 (Cedric) Guard Impact II will no longer disarm sheathed weapons
05/02 (Cedric) Corrected an eavesdropping failure message that was going to the whisperer
05/02 (Cedric) The affect descriptions for focus now show the correct bonuses
05/03 (Crystal) Added all missing rank 8 skills to teachers
05/04 (Cedric) Saytos with emotes inside ()’s can now also use @/#/& targets
05/04 (Cedric) Drawing weapons now removes shields and held items as needed
05/04 (Cedric) The draw command can now be used when one weapon is already drawn and the other is sheathed
05/04 (Cedric) The sheathe command can now be used when one drawn and the other is sheathed
05/04 (Cedric) Poisons can no longer be applied in the middle of combat
05/05 (Cedric) The elemental stat buff spells now strip previous affects correctly
05/05 (Cedric) Bleed mana no longer drains the victim below 0
05/05 (Cedric) The skillup rates for magic principle skills was made more consistent
05/05 (Cedric) Flash affects no longer stack multiple times
05/05 (Cedric) The finesse skill now increases on its own
05/05 (Cedric) Fixed a bug with who sees what messages during ranged combat
05/05 (Cedric) The stop command now halts ranged attacks
05/05 (Cedric) Added some info about character actions to scan and scout
05/05 (Cedric) Certain objects now show up when scanning and scouting
05/07 (Cedric) Characters in ranged combat can now move normally (albeit slowly)
05/07 (Cedric) Ranged attackers now see the movements of their target
05/07 (Cedric) Moving now temporarily reduces an archer’s ranged accuracy
05/07 (Cedric) Taking cover now slows movement during ranged combat
05/07 (Cedric) Shooting now slightly slows movement during ranged combat
05/07 (Cedric) Moving out of range/sight no longer immediately ends ranged combat – the archer
has some time to move back into range/sight to continue it
05/07 (Cedric) The ranged combat code can now find line of sight to a target in any direction
05/07 (Cedric) Adjusted the timing of ranged combat and the delays/ranges of ranged weapons
05/08 (Cedric) Changed around the access restrictions on few imm commands
05/08 (Cedric) Added new spell: raise dead (necromancy)
05/09 (Cedric) Added new spell: rot (necromancy)
05/09 (Cedric) Changed the quiet movement affect so NPCs can use it
05/09 (Cedric) Damage types in OLC can now be viewed with ‘? damtype’, like they should be
05/09 (Cedric) Added new spell: blood pet (necromancy)
05/09 (Crystal) Successfully created and progged said blood (my prog was awesome, so I had to put it here)
05/10 (Cedric) Created the ‘control’ command, for characters to directly control certain pets (like the blood pet)
05/10 (Cedric) Made the ‘return’ command usable by mortals, to stop controlling those pets
05/11 (Cedric) Strangling roots and entangle no longer work on flying targets
05/11 (Cedric) Terraform is no longer usable while flying
05/11 (Cedric) Changed archery/marksmanship/throwing to 8-rank skillsets
05/11 (Cedric) Reworked the accuracy of ranged attacks, and the modifiers for cover and deflect
05/11 (Cedric) Fixed a bug with engaging archers in melee when flying/landing
05/11 (Cedric) Fixed a bug with the scaling of weapon damage as skill ranks increased
05/11 (Cedric) Added more randomness to melee and ranged weapon damage
05/12 (Cedric) Added new spell: fleshcrafting (necromancy)
05/12 (Cedric) Changed how helpfiles are accessed, so none end up hidden behind similar files anymore
05/12 (Cedric) Fixed a bug with names in accounts
05/14 (Cedric) Added new spell: bone armor (necromancy)
05/14 (Cedric) Spell affects that improve armor now work correctly
05/19 (Cedric) NPCs can now speak and understand languages
05/19 (Cedric) Pets/charmies can no longer be ungrouped (use nofollow instead)
05/19 (Cedric) Summoning spells can now be cast chaotically

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