March 2019 Code Updates

3/31 (Adalon) Quest System Upgrades
3/31 (Adalon) Quest All to see completed quests
3/31 (Adalon) Builder: QEdit available
3/31 (Adalon) Builder: Daily quests available
3/31 (Adalon) Immortal: Flag command for affects fixed
3/31 (Adalon) Commune echo tweaked on immortal side
3/31 (Adalon) Skill: Wound can be used even after combat started
3/31 (Adalon) Spell: Elemental shield echo fix
3/31 (Adalon) Fix to religion titles (were one step off)
3/31 (Adalon) Spell: Torrent echo fix
3/31 (Adalon) Items that triggered spells affects fixed