Code updates for June 2019

6/13 (Crystal) Setup Alyasne account and commands
6/13 (Crystal) Fixed lastpray log so all IMMs have access
6/13 (Crystal) Moved MUD todo list to Trello and made public. Linked on player port from website
6/15 (Crys/Ad) Audited Thelasia changes to report onto main
6/17 (Crystal) Setup hiearchy chart for upcoming nobility code
6/24 (Adalon) Doubled Dodge learning rate (non-passives)
6/25 (Adalon) Maitland Org and Enforcement setup
6/25 (Adalon) Other org command tweaks
6/25 (Adalon) Removed 15 minute save requirement to new characters
6/25 (Adalon) Corrected healer casting
6/25 (Adalon) Fixed targeting issues with Note Scroll objects
6/25 (Adalon) Builder: Crafting Editor Commands
6/25 (Adalon) Craft command (first stage)
6/28 (Adalon) Group of bug fixes related to previous changes
6/30 (Adalon) Fixed keyword error in crafting
6/30 (Adalon) Patched unusual crash scenario
7/02 (Adalon) Bug fixes for Charging Drive