Code Updates for January 2019

1/3 (Adalon) No_Restring flag (mainly for crafting ingredients)
1/3 (Adalon) Adjusted invalid message for sit/sleep/rest/stand on an object
1/3 (Adalon) Fixed some boarding oddities with mounts not following.
1/3 (Adalon) Boarding charges max at 100 days.
1/3 (Adalon) Expert Hunter fixes (also should now naturally improve)
1/3 (Adalon) Fixed containers eating coins when with too full message.
1/3 (Adalon) Hearing whispers while not awake
1/3 (Adalon) Can no longer scout while blind
1/3 (Adalon) Fixed moon and sun echoes (more to come?)
1/3 (Adalon) Raise Dead should commit mana only when targeting objects in room
1/3 (Adalon) Create Spring being blocked by Wall of Stone in room
1/3 (Adalon) Poison can be applied on ranged ammo and throwing weapon
1/3 (Adalon) Shops can buy even if they don’t have sell
1/3 (Adalon) Typo fixed in revealing someone cloaked
1/3 (Adalon) Corpse explosion now uses logic like raise dead (npc corpses only)
1/3 (Adalon) Opose (Object Pose) allows a pose for objects in a room.
1/20 (Adalon) Start of Devotee Mark code
1/20 (Adalon) Iceshard now hits closed doors and stone walls
1/20 (Adalon) Typo fixed in Attune
1/20 (Adalon) Necromancy Spells reorganized in school levels
1/20 (Adalon) Kindle no longer targets worn or carried equipment
1/20 (Adalon) Corpse Explosion now has cast echoes
1/20 (Adalon) Invis now has an echo when target is already invis
1/20 (Adalon) Builder: Propset added to prog commands
1/20 (Adalon) Shank: Swap wielded weapon back after shank
1/26 (Adalon) Watching yourself cancels watch
1/26 (Adalon) Reboot option to allow area ports without shutdown
1/26 (Adalon) Cantrip echoes tweaked
1/26 (Adalon) Cantrip affects on creatures can be dispelled
1/26 (Adalon) Builder: Obj prog Char_N is Carrier
1/27 (Adalon) Tweaked NPC pilfer wealth calculation
1/27 (Adalon) Fixed quaff duration for Lodestar and Balefire
1/27 (Adalon) Prog: WasWarranted check added
1/27 (Adalon) NPC wandering should back and forth less
1/27 (Adalon) NPC wandering should avoid lockable doors
1/27 (Adalon) Fix bug with Glimpse name display
1/28 (Adalon) Bug fix for mob wandering
1/28 (Adalon) Tweak to wiznet info
1/30 (Adalon) Mobs should not crowd up at area edges now.
1/30 (Adalon) Focus gives message with extra argument