Code Updates for February 2019

2/3 (Adalon) Builder: Room flag: inside
2/3 (Adalon) Builder: Mob flag: no subdue
2/3 (Adalon) Pose clears on Teleport
2/3 (Adalon) Builder: New area flag system
2/3 (Adalon) Sacrifice clearer who they are from
2/3 (Adalon) Sacrificed restrung items persist
2/3 (Adalon) Builder: No_scrye and no_teleport working
2/3 (Adalon) Vanish and teleport fixes
2/3 (Adalon) Clone selection fixed
2/3 (Adalon) Mob wander code tweaked
2/10 (Adalon) Racial sneak togglable with Sneak
2/10 (Adalon) Tweaked mob wander code
2/10 (Crystal) Colors for alert messages
2/10 (Adalon) Builder: Tweaked prog for emotes
2/10 (Adalon) Immortal: Quest player to check quests
2/17 (Adalon) Certain mobs can no longer be subdued (construct, undead, etc)
2/17 (Adalon) Reverted prog change for @ effects, new one to be written
2/17 (Adalon) Fishing added to char generation
2/17 (Adalon) Fixed unintended shutdown bug

Note: MASSIVE Quest Code Overhaul has been happening since then. It’s been tested and is on builder and builders are starting to add quests before we port all this over.