Code updates for December 2018

12/1 (Cedric) Reworked stun durations and their diminishing returns
12/1 (Cedric) Added new skill: Charging Drive
12/1 (Adalon) Instrument fix including added shell
12/1 (Adalon) Cantrip tweaks
12/1 (Adalon) Prompt options added for percent: %1 health, %2 mana, %3 stamina.
12/1 (Adalon) Dream bug fix.
12/1 (Cedric) Added ‘Autodraw’ option to draw your weapons at the start of combat
12/9 (Adalon) Sacrifice and Junk are now different commands. Sacrifice is IC while Junk is OOC cleanup.
12/9 (Adalon) Shout added (short range yell
12/9 (Adalon) Increased learning rate of some defensive skills.
12/10 (Cedric) Added hemote for hidden emotes, and wemote for watched emotes
12/10 (Cedric) Emotes can now use @self to move your name from the start of the message
12/12 (Adalon) Begun adding categories to Command list.
12/14 (Cedric) Added new skill: weave (for unarmed)
12/14 (Cedric) Reduced the damage of wideswing, tweaked modifiers for the bash skill
12/14 (Cedric) Unarmed weapon types can no longer parry attacks
12/14 (Adalon) Compare works between containers.
12/15 (Adalon) Elemental summons can be cast at lower tiers with: cast ‘summon water’ 2
12/15 (Adalon) Bug fixes related to divide by zeros in prompts.
12/16 (Adalon) Look room sees a room description even while brief is on
12/16 (Adalon) Only Sentient mobs should open doors now.
12/16 (Adalon) Trying out spell (lodestar) refreshing instead of making new object.
12/16 (Adalon) Cantrip Count up to 33
12/16 (Cedric) Imms now see echoes/pechoes/zechoes from other Imms
12/17 (Cedric) Fixed a bug stopping off balance from wearing off properly
12/28 (Adalon) Fixed bug that let emote get around non-sentient creatures speaking.
12/28 (Adalon) An opponent using Stop should be clearer now.
12/28 (Adalon) Elemental shields should now show when they remove another (plus tweaks).
12/28 (Adalon) Bug fix for parry seeing the wrong character as unarmed.
12/28 (Adalon) New spell: Torch – Arcane
12/29 (Adalon) Entangle and Strangling Roots now show in room.
12/29 (Adalon) Compare/Browse tweaked to look at non-concealed items first.
12/29 (Adalon) Visible command removes Shadowmeld.
12/29 (Adalon) Examine adjusted to be more consistent with worn items.
12/29 (Adalon) Raise cannot be used while bound or imprisoned.
12/31 (Adalon) Corrected a bug with notes showing incorrectly for religions.
12/31 (Adalon) Commune can target offline gods.
12/31 (Adalon) First stage of additional religion logging system.
12/31 (Adalon) Relock now works only on doors with locks.
12/31 (Adalon) Clone shows as Someone in Gtell.