Code Notations over the last month

Cedric has been a busy beaver, code notations over the last month:

05/26 (Cedric) Moved the latest updates to old_updates24
05/26 (Cedric) Added physical characteristics and short descriptions in character creation
05/26 (Cedric) Added the Autonames option to the Autolist
05/28 (Cedric) NPCs are no longer protected from harm after recovering from being subdued
06/04 (Cedric) Fixed a bug with practicing shield attack
06/04 (Cedric) Races with autosneak can now practice skills that require sneak as a prerequisite
06/05 (Crystal) Paid for the month of June
06/07 (Cedric) Changed how lightning bolt deals damage
06/07 (Cedric) Draw and sheathe no longer echo to people who can’t see you
06/08 (Cedric) Lowered the gold fines for crimes
06/08 (Cedric) Fixed a bug with arrest not working on subdued players
06/08 (Cedric) Fixed a bug with a message showing how much you were fined when released from the stocks
06/12 (Cedric) Fixed another bug preventing some skills from being practiced
06/12 (Cedric) Removed the surrender command. Who even knew we had one? 😮
06/12 (Cedric) Flying and grounded characters can no longer fight each other in melee
06/12 (Cedric) The ‘fly’ and ‘land’ commands are now usable mid-combat, to escape a battle
06/12 (Cedric) Flying and non-flying people no longer hear each others’ says and whispers, except says within emotes
06/12 (Cedric) The shoot command is now usable on targets in the same room, if one is flying and the other isn’t
06/12 (Cedric) Fixed many, many issues with ranged combat
06/13 (Crystal) Added an entry to emphasis that Cedric rox.
06/13 (Cedric) Fixed a bug so that flying and floating are now mutually exclusive
06/13 (Cedric) Characters now land correctly when the fly or float spells wear off
06/13 (Cedric) Reworked immunities, resistances and vulnerabilities, so vulns and res’s can cancel out
06/13 (Cedric) The soak spell now correctly makes its target res fire and vuln lightning
06/13 (Cedric) Fixed a bug with pillar of fire causing it to… do nothing
06/13 (Cedric) Emoted speech is now only heard by those who should hear it. It’s a lame fix, but the only way.
06/13 (Cedric) Fixed another bug with pillar of fire, so multiple castings don’t stack
06/13 (Cedric) Added a ‘not found’ message for the browse command
06/14 (Cedric) Flyers and floaters can no longer sit/rest/sleep while in the air
06/14 (Cedric) Flyers and floaters now automatically land when mounting something
06/20 (Cedric) Counterattacks now subdue opponents correctly
06/20 (Cedric) Adjusted the balance of all weapons, enhanced damage, lunge, guard impact, and twohanded style
06/21 (Cedric) Created an OLC editor for large scale battles
06/25 (Cedric) Set up saving/loading for large scale battle info
06/27 (Cedric) Finished troop spawning, spawn rates, and squad sizes for large scale battles
06/29 (Cedric) Fixed up a couple cantrips a little
06/29 (Cedric) Finished troop movement and attacking code for large scale battles
07/02 (Cedric) Fixed several crash-worthy bugs with large scale battles. Should be good to go now.
07/02 (Cedric) Characters with raised cloaks no longer show up on the who list
07/03 (Cedric) Added new spell: lodestar (divination)
07/03 (Cedric) Added new spell: balefire (divination)
07/03 (Cedric) Added new spell: identify (divination)
07/04 (Cedric) Fixed a bug where counter/riposte/etc. continued the fight at range
07/08 (Cedric) Increased the amount of gold given with rpp by an amount based on a char’s total rpp
07/08 (Pip) Added random logoff script, not editable in game yet
07/08 (Pip) Quit for new chars will now have a confirmation message before allowing them to quit under 15 min
07/08 (Pip) Added RPP to prompt (%p for current and %P for total)
07/08 (Pip) IMMs will automatically be wizihidden upon login
07/08 (Pip) IMMs can now set passive points
07/08 (Pip) IMMs can now purge objects in rooms
07/09 (Cedric) Greatly (greatly!) smoothed out swapping weapon/shield/held items with the wear command

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