Bonuses for Experienced Players

Experienced players can now create experienced characters, who begin the game with free extra skills depending on how much RPP the player has earned.

From now on all new characters that link themselves up to an existing account will be able to start with certain skills already at 100%. You’ll get some amount of experience points based on the total rpp on your account. You can use these experience points to buy whatever skills you want from the list in char creation.

Buying these bonus skills doesn’t cost any rpp; they’re a free bonus to every new character you create. The more rpp your account earns over time, the more experienced the characters you create can be. You don’t have to start out with experience if you don’t want to – you’re perfectly entitled to make a wussy total noob. It’s just there as an option to start the game as someone with experience.

We decided to put this in for several reasons: one is to reward our veteran players. Two, not every character concept makes sense starting out as a total wuss – a veteran, hardcore ex-soldier just has no business slapping golems and taking classes in elementary swordsmanship. Three, leveling really isn’t the focal point of Advent. Once a player has proven that they’re a worthy roleplayer (by earning lots of rpp) they deserve to skip the leveling grind and get right to roleplaying whatever kind of badass character concept they want. Four, and this is an important one…we want our well-rping veterans to be willing to make villains and other characters with short lifespans. A lot of very, very awesome storylines involve someone, somewhere, dying, and we want our players to be willing to play these storylines out. In the case of villains, especially, this character creation change is our way of saying that we trust our skilled, experienced players to create and play short-lived villains that start out strong and go down in a fiery burst of conflict-causing awesomeness. It really sucks leveling a character for 3+ months when you know it’s destined to die as soon as the RP really gets going. So once you have a good chunk of RPP, make that villain, play out a good storyline with him, earn more RPP for your account in the process (because people involved in conflict usually earn a lot more RPP than normal) and get the dude killed off in a blaze of glory and infamy.

So there we have it. Enjoy the free skills, think up some fun ways to get your new characters killed off, and may good times be had by all.

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