What Happens After Death on Advent

We’ve realized we need to update our page about Death and Resurrection with a new “What Happens Next” section that explains our character creation point system.

What Happens Next?

While death is final in Advent of the Mists, it does not mean you are starting over from scratch. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Advent has a very advanced and custom system of what we call “Roleplay Points” or “RPP” that you gain through roleplay. These are attached to your “Account” that all of your characters are tied to (meaning it’s important to create an account when you first log in, or at least have the staff combine your characters into one account so you can share your RPP gains for all of them). If you gain these RPP as Character #1, you can then use them for Character #2 and vice versa. They are attached to your account only, so you don’t lose them.

What this also means is, if you die and still have RPP attached to your account, you can use those RPP to boost skills, trade for gold, buy equipment and restrings, etc.

But that isn’t all…

You can very well start out with a brand new character that is just as strong if not more so than the one that just died.

We have a character creation system that takes your RPP gains into account when you make your next character. When you use these creation points (the current rate is 1 creation point for every 10 RPP you’ve ever earned), you can purchase skills during character creation so that your new character is pretty advanced right out the gate. These skills start out at 100%, they don’t start out as 10% like you would if you had just learned the skill from a teacher.

So while we have a permadeath system, it is not as abrasive as you might have experienced in other MUDs. We very much encourage roleplay over stats and combat, so we have built a system that encourages roleplay that will also make it easier for you to advanced new alts later down the road.