Death and Resurrection


In Advent of the Mists, death is final.

When you die, you are dead for good. There is no coming back short of divine intervention. Furthermore, remaking and ‘replaying’ a dead character is not allowed.

The only way to die is to be murdered by another player while you are subdued (See HELP MURDER and HELP SUBDUE) or to be killed by an NPC  (non-played character) that is set to actively kill their opponents. Upon death, you are left in the Realm of the Dead, bordering life and death for a time, to collect your thoughts, do some final RP, and perhaps have an interlude with Isorian, Goddess of the Underworld (which often results in some extra RPP to invest in your next character). Once you quit, it is final.

If you feel your death was not valid based on the roleplay involved (or lack of roleplay involved), speak to the staff using the ASK command, write a note to an immortal, contact us through the website or hop on our Discord, and your death will be looked into. If no immortals are around at the time of death, or if the matter is too complicated for a quick judgment, you may quit and have your character archived in the graveyard. If we need to bring it back, we always have a copy of your character file to restore. If you set a valid email address for your Advent Account, we can also contact you that way if it’s easier.

You’re allowed to send tells or notes to your friends letting them know you died, but this is always considered OOC information. There is NO way for a character to send in-character information to anyone after death, regardless of its explanation. Preferably you don’t let others know about your death at all, as this is considered “Spoilers”, and instead, they have to find out in-game. While we can’t necessarily control what you spoil, the staff does not actively engage in spoiled storylines at all, and we will not support roleplay that consists of your friends retrieving your belongings. In fact, that is considered cheating and could get your or your friend docked RPP or denied characters.


As with all things, nothing is technically “final” on Advent. Resurrection IS possible but so extremely rare that we may as well let players know that they should never expect a resurrection. I honestly wouldn’t even ask. The moment we haphazardly resurrect a character, the flood gates would be opened and the staff honestly doesn’t want to deal with the repercussions of players expecting to be resurrected or asking why someone else was and they weren’t.

However, we won’t leave resurrection off the table completely. We simply don’t have set standards, requirements, or a process behind what constitutes a resurrection, nor would we share them if we did in order to avoid expectations.

So while resurrection is possible, it should never be assumed or even asked for one. We’re permadeath for a reason.