Storytelling Contest

I’m going to hold our first MUD contest, though purely an OOC one.

We’re going to have a short storywriting contest to help populate the library in Thelasia. All entries will be considered for being placed as books within the library, but the winner of the contest will receive 10 RPP and 50 gold.

The required theme will be a short story about a legendary sailor, ship, or other noteworthy sea-faring tale. Since Thelasia is the largest trade-by-ship city in the game, as well as supposedly known for its sailors and pirates, it would make sense to have old tales of such. Minimum word count is 200, and the deadline will be Christmas Day.

Contest: Short story
Prize: 10 RPP and 50 gold
Theme: Sea-faring tale
Deadline: December 25th 2006
Minimum Word Count: 200 words
Submit to: imm [at]
Limited Submissions?: None! Submit as many stories as you’d like!

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