You’ve Created a Character, Now What?

You’ve created a character, you’ve gone through the newbie tutorial and learned a few basic commands, and you were dropped into the Thelasian University.

So now what?

There’s a lot of things you can do now, and it’s all up to whatever you feel like doing. But since the big wide world of Advent of the Mists can be intimidating for some folks, we’re going to give you a few ideas and instructions on what you could do.


Hold up! Once you leave the newbie tutorial, you are dropped into what is called the “Registration Desk”. Here you can buy a few starter items like lanterns, waterskin to hold water, a bag to hold some items, etc. Grab a few of these to start out with before heading out on your adventure.

#1 Find the Hot Spots

Hot spots are basically just areas that players tend to congregate to in the open to “meet up” and see where the roleplay goes. The only issue with hot spots is they tend to be full of “small talk” which isn’t very immersive. Still, it’s a good way to meet up and then go off and do some more in-depth roleplay somewhere else.

Current Hot spots in the open world are:

  1. In front of the Temple of Thelasia (straight south from where you are first put into the university, go south 6 times).
  2. At the Intersection of Spartese and Thelasia street (also straight south from where you first enter the university, about 3 more rooms past the temple)
  3. The Meditation Gardens in the University (this is in the center of the University area which will be North of the Registration Desk you are dropped into). The exact directions are: south, west, west, west, west, north, north, north, north, north, east, east, east, east, east
  4. The Lounge or Dining Room in the Pearl of Thelasia. Here you can lounge and have a drink or a meal, so sometimes folks will hang out here as well. We’re going to force you to find this one on your own with a little direction. When dropped into the game, so South until you hit the Intersection of Coalet and Thelasia. Then head east till you hit the intersection of Coalet and Bay avenue. Go south until you see a doorway to the east and some horse tether posts. Go in the door and head directly south through the Lobby into the lounge. After that, the dining room is to the east.
    1. HINT: You can call the Waitress by using the word “Waitress” into a sentence in a say.

#2 Do some Quests!

Quests are a good way to get to know the area, but they do take a little initiative and critical thinking to know what to do. There may be a few that tell you EXACTLY what to do, but others you have to do a little testing and thinking to figure out. Never hesitate to ask someone to help you if you can’t figure one out. We prefer you ask this in-game and not ask them to just give you the answers out of character, though.

So how do you find quests?

Well, quests are randomly placed. There’s no guide to all of the quests available, and that would take all the fun out of it anyway. We’re not here to hold your hand through every step of character development, as we want you to learn the system (and if you can, break the system and help us figure out the loopholes during alpha testing). However, you’ll see a triggered “say” for most of them that will instigate you to start a quest with them.

How do I know what Quests I am on?

The QUEST command lets you see what quests you are currently doing, along with the next step you are supposed to do. The description line gives you a hint on what to do next.

What if I messed up on my quest and can’t go further?

You can “QUEST ABANDON #” to abandon a quest by the number it is listed in your quest log in order to start over.

#3 You can start customizing your character

There are lots of ways you can customize your character. Writing a Description is just one of them so we know what you look like.

Then come the SKILLS and SPELLS of the game. Since we are what is called a “classless” system, there’s no class like……paladin or ranger or bard or anything like that. You can be a near unlimited variety of things for your character. We understand the ‘option freezing’ concept in that having too many options can make you unsure what to do and afraid you’re going to mess up.

Keep in mind, though, you can unlearn a skill or spell at anytime and entirely relearn something else. It takes gold, though, so gold is definitely something to keep in mind.

That said, we do have a video walkthrough of our skill system that shows you how to learn spells, skills, utilize your passive points, practice, training, and everything else to get your character customized and learning all the cool things you want.

#4 Learn the Lore of the Game

We have a lot of lore in the game, and we’re constantly adding more.

Where do you start?

  1. We have a Grimoire of different pieces of commonly known lore
  2. We have helpfiles that we’re constantly adding lore to (HELP lets you see the different categories to check out)
  3. The WORLD section of the website has a lot of lore on our world from races to cities to history and information on the organizations in the game.

#5 Roleplay!

Roleplay is central to what Advent is about, and there’s SO MUCH OF IT. Your goals for your character can be limitless, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, so here are some suggestions!

Find out who the local law enforcement is and the laws governing the city or area you are currently in. Some of this can be found out on the website, or simply ask someone in-game.

You can also JOIN one of the local law enforcement organizations as well, maybe become a city guard or be part of the local military. They tend to help enforce the laws of the territory and fight any enemies that may attack.

Find out if there are any other organizations you can join. Government and law enforcement aren’t the ONLY organizations you can join. You can ask around to see what other factions are around, listen to what people are talking about, and then inquire about who you would need to talk to in order to join if you agree with the mission behind that organization.

Also keep in mind, you can start your own 🙂

Join a religious church! There are at least 12 different Gods in the game, which means there are at least 12 different churches you can join and start spreading the word of your church. Rumor has it there may be some cults that mix the message of different churches as well that you can get in on the ground floor of.