How to earn Gold

One of the hardest things for new characters to do is earn gold. It becomes easier once you’re an established player and earn rp points, because you can interchange your rp points between your characters. For each rp point, you can earn 45 gold.

So what options are there for earning Gold?

Spar with training golems. – Rather than promote out-of-character mindless killing, we provide a set of training constructs or “golems” for players to beat up and earn a small amount of silver. The in-character explanation is that the mages who built and maintain the golems use the training to better their inventions.

Kill animals and sell their pelts, feathers, etc. – For the hunter or woodsman who does not want to spend their time beating up man-made creations in cities, there is the option to hunt various beasts and sell their hides, feathers, scales to earn some coin. There are various players who can use furs to make armor and clothing, mages who can use scales and feathers in their spellwork, and general mercantile shops who keep an eclectic list of merchandise in their inventory.

Get a job with an organization and earn a regular salary. – There are several established organization, like the Imperium, that pay a decent salary depending on the rank of their members. Learn who the officials are for these organizations, and see if one of them might be something you are interested in working for.

Roleplay. – Probably the easiest way to earn gold is simply by roleplaying. You don’t have to join any organization, you don’t have to kill a single mob. You can earn plenty of gold from roleplaying. For every rp point you earn, you can convert it using the GAIN command into 45 gold. You can even interchange RPP between characters. To see everything you can earn with these invaluable points, read help rpp.

Questing – There are not many quests as of yet, but our builders are constantly working to add more and more with each new area and even additional ones in existing areas. Players can complete terrible tasks, daring deeds, or just random errands to earn gold and equipment, which they can then decide to sell off. Think of these a lot like instances on WoW.

Harvesting/Mining – Right now the only harvesting skill we have in game is mining and smelting ore as an alternative way of getting coin by selling the ore or bars of ore to shops. Eventually players will be able to harvest herbs and gather other materials to sell not only players who use these goods to craft their wears, but also to other shops.

Thieving – Believe it or not, thieves have the ability to make a good amount of gold. Whether it’s purely through using skills like pilfer on mobs or players, or by stealing goods and gold from players. Some people have been known to covet spellbooks and sell them for slightly cheaper than available in known shops. Naturally this is a more riskier method of acquiring riches and requires much skill.

Two options that aren’t in the game yet, but will be presented eventually:

Crafting – Players who learn a crafting trade, can either sell their wares on their own, or pay a renting fee and set up a shop and a vendor to sell their wares for them. The better items you create, the more people will come to you to purchase items. You may even want to hire someone to harvest your materials for you.

Mercenary/Guide – There isn’t a heavy need for mercenaries or guides as of yet in alpha testing. However, once we open into beta and have more wilderness and dangerous areas, players can hire a mercenary or guide to protect them and their goods. If you are skilled in wildcrafting and survival, you may be of great use to nobles and rich politicians.

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